News Digest: September 27-30, 2022: Newsom Signs AB 2098

  • Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Doctors in California to Face Discipline for ‘Misinformation’

    Here is Newsom trying to sugar coat it so he can keep all his moderate voters:

    “I am signing this bill because it is narrowly tailored to apply only to those egregious instances in which a licensee is acting with malicious intent or clearly deviating from the required standard of care while interacting directly with a patient under their care,” Newsom wrote in his signing message.

    Newsom said AB 2098 only applies to physicians’ speech with patients during discussions directly related to COVID-19 treatment.

    “I am concerned about the chilling effect other potential laws may have on physicians and surgeons who need to be able to effectively talk to their patients about the risks and benefits of treatments for a disease that appeared in just the last few years,” he wrote. “However, I am confident that discussing emerging ideas or treatments including the subsequent risks and benefits does not constitute misinformation or disinformation under this bill’s criteria.”

    Changed Forever

    “If [Newsom] doesn’t veto [SB] 2098, medicine will be changed forever. … We will not have the right to counsel our patients in certain areas, because it will be prohibited by law,” said Saputo, who’s based in Walnut Creek, Calif.

    Medical Boards are Already After Doctors

    According to a previous interview with Los Angeles-based Dr. Syed Haider, the new law is also expected to target doctors who recommend or prescribe off-label medications such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to their patients for COVID-19.

    “Myself and other doctors from all over the world have had incredible results with off-label protocols including ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, and a number of other protocols,” he told The Epoch Times in May.

    Because of this, he’s been reported to four state medical boards by pharmacists he says “don’t like filling ivermectin prescriptions.” He was forced to hire a lawyer to help protect his medical license.

    “In any scientific field or endeavor, there is no absolute truth,” he said. “We’re always getting closer to the truth, but we have never arrived at a final truth in medicine. There always has to be room for debate.”


    California flag. Bear is replaced with a doctor holding a syringe. The flag now says: California Gulag. Swastikas are in each bottom corner. The California red star has Chinese yellow star inside it and there is WHO: World Health Oligarchy on the other side.

  • Exclusive: Hindawi and Wiley to retract over 500 papers linked to peer review rings


    Hindawi’s research integrity team found several signs of manipulated peer reviews for the affected papers, including reviews that contained duplicated text, a few individuals who did a lot of reviews, reviewers who turned in their reviews extremely quickly, and misuse of databases that publishers use to vet potential reviewers.

    Richard Bennett, vice president of researcher and publishing services for Hindawi, told us that the publisher suspects “coordinated peer review rings” consisting of reviewers and editors working together to advance manuscripts through to publication. Some of the manuscripts appeared to come from paper mills, he said.

  • Scientists who express different views on Covid-19 should be heard, not demonized

    The article is over two years old, but still very relevant.

    When major decisions must be made amid high scientific uncertainty, as is the case with Covid-19, we can’t afford to silence or demonize professional colleagues with heterodox views. Even worse, we can’t allow questions of science, medicine, and public health to become captives of tribalized politics. Today, more than ever, we need vigorous academic debate.

    Vigorous Debate

    But we share the view that vigorous debate is fundamental to the existence of universities, where individuals with different ideas who have a commitment to reason compete to persuade others based on evidence, data, and reason. Now is the time to foster —not stifle — open dialogue among academic physicians and scientists about the current pandemic and the best tactical responses to it, each of which involve enormous trade-offs and unanticipated consequences.

    What We Are Facing (Seeing)

    Society faces a risk even more toxic and deadly than Covid-19: that the conduct of science becomes indistinguishable from politics.

    Argument over a card game: But who decides what disinformation is? Take a wild guess, Doc.

    Argument over a Card Game by Jan Steen (1625/26 – 1679), oil on canvas, 46.8″x35.4″

  • What If They Threw a Pandemic & Nobody Came?

    A long article with lots of good information, links, videos and memes. Go take a look.


    One blue chess piece out of line from dozens of white pieces with this text: Do you see it? This is massive noncompliance. (Color)

  • The V-Safe Vault

    This seems like a pretty big deal. We’ll see if the information actually gets released today.

    BUT, to summarize the system and why it’s such a goldmine for all of us trying to sift out what the actual real world damage from these injections is, unlike the arduous and time consuming VAERS process — V-safe is a simple and user friendly app that allows the vaccinated to report their own adverse events directly to the CDC!

    What that means is this — there have been somewhere north of 137 MILLION such entries into this system that the CDC has been sitting on (read that hiding from us) for the past 21 months!!

    Website: new window)

    PDF: new window) PDF, opens new window

  • Society Must Be Defen-estrated

    Good article. I recommend the whole thing. Here are some highlights.

    This is a genocide.
    This is a genocide.
    This is a genocide.

    I know, it’s hard to wrap one’s head around it. We’re all in shock and it’s hard to see the bigger picture. But the sooner we face the world as it is, the better our chances of survival.

    The Evil Cabal

    The most lethal force in the world right now is the unholy alliance of Pharma, Bill Gates, the WEF, the WHO, DoD, the Davos crowd, the global financial industry, and the tech industry.

    Obedience is not Enough

    The in group is the Pharma cartel and everyone who works for them and thinks like them. Like all totalitarian systems it is not enough to simply obey — one must actually believe in the Safe & Effective(TM) Orwellian nonsense that they spew. Mainstream society appears neurologically injured by too many shots, unable to access the wisdom that has developed since the Enlightenment.

    Get Rid of the Whole System

    I have come to the conclusion that “Society Must Be Defenestrated” (thrown out the window). Our society cannot be redeemed, it must be dismantled. At this point I’m not even sure we need to rebuild it. Bougieness is the antithesis of truth because you have to believe a lie in order to stay in the club — why would we preserve that!? Our society is so toxic and deadly, if it came in a bottle it would have a skull and crossbones on the side.

    I agree with the above. Trying to right these capsized institutions is a futile endeavor. They are too corrupt, too far gone.

    Once we Have Power

    When we take power there must be a comprehensive war crimes tribunal, modeled after Nuremberg, to prosecute the architects of the genocide.

    But that is just the tip of a very large iceberg. We need to de-Nazify all of American society:

    • All universities that required Covid-19 shots should lose accreditation.
    • AMA, AAP, and ACOG should lose their charter and all of their leadership should be barred for life from serving on any corporate board.
    • The entire non-profit sector should be eliminated. It is nonsense that our tax system treats some people as better than others.
    • The budget for the federal government should be cut in half. That’s easy to do because…
    • The Department of Defense budget should be cut in half. At this point, DoD is just creating conflicts in order to justify their gargantuan budget.
    • NIH, FDA, and CDC must be eliminated. Their sprawling campuses should be turned into residential facilities to help the vaccine injured, led by doctors from FLCCC. Those who worked to get Covid-19 shots authorized should be sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor, breaking rocks.
    • Pharmaceutical ads must be barred from TV, streaming services, social media, and the metaverse, forever.
    • All intellectual property protections for pharmaceutical products must be eliminated (just as we made all German patents available for free after World War II).
    • All liability protection for pharmaceutical products must be eliminated. No industry deserves special treatment. All Americans deserve the right to a jury trial (as guaranteed by the 7th Amendment).
    • Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, GSK, and Sanofi must be dismantled, their corporate charter revoked, their leadership prosecuted, and their assets used to pay reparations to the vaccine injured.

    On his Facebook page Toby Rogers(opens new window) writes:

    48 people are primarily responsible for the genocide and should be tried at Nuremberg 2.0 for crimes against humanity. The trial should be broken into 4 dockets as follows:

    The corporate kingpins trial docket:

    • Bill Gates (Gates Foundation)
    • Julie Gerberding (Merck)
    • Albert Bourla (Pfizer)
    • Alex Gorsky (J&J)
    • Stéphane Bancel (Moderna)
    • Pascal Soriot (AstraZeneca)
    • Kenneth Frazier (Merck)
    • Emma Walmsley (GSK)
    • Paul Hudson (Sanofi)

    The institutional trial docket:

    • Tony Fauci (NIAID)
    • Francis Collins (NIH)
    • Peter Hotez (Baylor)
    • Paul Offit (UPenn)
    • Tedros Adhanom (WHO)
    • Rachel Walensky (CDC)
    • Frank DeStefano (CDC)
    • Tom Shimabukuro (CDC)
    • Ezekiel Emanuel (UPenn)
    • Michael Osterholm (Univ. MN)
    • Thomas Frieden (D-NY)
    • Neil Ferguson (Imperial College London)
    • Dorit Reiss (UC)

    The political trial docket:

    • Andrew Cuomo (D-NY)
    • Phil Murphy (D-NJ)
    • Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI)
    • Ned Lamont (D-CT)
    • Gavin Newsom (D-CA)
    • Tom Wolf (D-PA)
    • Jay Inslee (D-WA)
    • Kate Brown (D-OR)
    • Janet Mills (D-ME)
    • Tim Walz (D-MN)
    • Ralph Northam (D-VA)
    • Jared Polis (D-CO)
    • Dick Pan (D-CA)
    • Lorena Gonzales (D-CA)
    • Brad Hoylman (D-NY)
    • Kyle Mullica (D-CO)
    • Justin Trudeau (Liberal Party, Canada)

    The media trial docket:

    • Susan Wojcicki (YouTube)
    • Sundar Pichai (Google)
    • Mark Zuckerberg (FB & IG)
    • Jack Dorsey (Twitter)
    • Lisa Sherman (The Ad Council)
    • Sanjay Gupta (CNN)
    • Anderson Cooper (D-CNN)
    • Rachel Maddow (MSNBC)
    • Leana Wen (Wapo/CNN)
    • Imran Ahmed (CCDH)
    • Joe Smyser (Project VCTR)
    • Brandy Zadrozny (NBC)

  • Former Congressman Sentenced to Prison for Stuffing Pennsylvania Ballot Boxes

    Despite declarations of safe and secure elections, history shows that past Pennsylvania elections were host to corruption.

    For example, former U.S. Rep. Michael “Ozzie” Myers, a Pennsylvania Democrat, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deprive voters of civil rights, bribery, obstruction of justice, falsification of voting records, conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election, and orchestrating schemes to fraudulently stuff ballot boxes for specific Democrat candidates in Pennsylvania elections held from 2014 to 2018.

    Bribes & Payoffs

    Tuesday’s sentencing was a new matter in which Myers admitted that he bribed Domenick J. Demuro, a Democrat Judge of Elections for the 39th Ward, 36th Division in South Philadelphia, over several years to add votes for certain Democrat candidates.

    Some candidates’ campaigns had hired Myers, and others were candidates that he favored. He admitted that he was paid consulting fees in cash or checks, then used portions of these funds to pay election officials to tamper with election results.

    Two guys laughing: ...and Republicans still think we're going to have real elections in November.

  • EXCLUSIVE: FDA Withholding Autopsy Results on People Who Died After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is refusing to release the results of autopsies conducted on people who died after getting COVID-19 vaccines.

    The FDA says it is barred from releasing medical files, but a drug safety advocate says that it could release the autopsies with personal information redacted.

    The refusal was issued to The Epoch Times, which submitted a Freedom of Information Act for all autopsy reported obtained by the FDA concerning any deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System following COVID-19 vaccination.

  • Exclusive: Medical examiners were told to lie on death certificates

    In Massachusetts, the state Department of Public Health (DPH) told medical examiners that if the person died with COVID, to list COVID as a cause of death. This is a violation of federal law.

    Two businessmen looking at multiple COVID protocols: "This is our plan to take over the world."

  • Mike's Story

    Mike did it for a job and now his entire life has been turned upside down. We’re hearing far too many stories like this one.

  • In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, September 19-September 26

    Never, never forget.

    Man yelling: It's Not the Vaccines. Paper headlines: Six Canadian Doctors Die. Excess Deaths increase Worldwide. Chart with ascending lines.

  • California Gov. Newsom must not declare war on doctors over so-called medical ‘misinformation’

    Insane new California bill would mean doctors could lose their licenses simply for expressing an opinion

    AB 2098

    President Joe Biden may have declared the pandemic “over,” but someone needs to tell the state of California. A bill sitting on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk would levy career-ending penalties on doctors deemed guilty of spreading so-called “misinformation” related to COVID-19. If enacted, this law has the potential to destroy the medical profession and stifle innovation from coast to coast.

    The bill in question, AB 2098, would allow the Medical Board of California to revoke a doctor’s license to practice medicine in the state for expressing an opinion “contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.” The problem is that “contemporary scientific consensus” has fluctuated wildly over the past two years.

    Knowledge Evolves and Changes

    Medical knowledge never stops evolving. It is constantly shaped by emerging data and trends. No single doctor – or politician – has a monopoly on good ideas. Society should be encouraging people to come forward with promising new ideas, not threatening to strip their livelihood.

    Get vaccinated against the misinformation virus. Stop listening to: Public Health Authorities, Mainstream Media, Your Government, NIH, CDC, FDA, World Health Organization, Pharmaceutical Companies (Color Version)

  • Brenton Faithfull, Funeral Director, Speaks to Dr Matt Shelton About What He is Seeing

    Brenton Faithfull is a Funeral Director and a Justice of the Peace. He is well aware of the importance of the truth. He told Dr Shelton that in the past year, 95% of the dead that he has buried, had their covid injections within two weeks of their death. He confirmed the finding of abnormal blood clots in these Kiwis, as has been found internationally. NZDSOS thanks Brendon for his courage in speaking out.

  • Association between meatless diet and depressive episodes: A cross-sectional analysis of baseline data from the longitudinal study of adult health (ELSA-Brasil)


    • Vegetarianism appears to be associated with a high prevalence of depressive episodes.
    • In this study, participants who excluded meat from their diet were found to have a higher prevalence of depressive episodes as compared to participants who consumed meat.
    • This association is independent of socioeconomic, lifestyle factors and nutrient deficiencies.

  • What do UFOs, Laurence Rockefeller and MK Ultra Have in Common? More than you think

    As Klein’s book eloquently showcases, the intention behind the MK Ultra experiments was to use these discoveries on a national scale in order to conduct “shock therapy” on nations in order to break cultures and nations from their historic memories and traditions with the purpose of reconstructing them under a post-nation state (and post-truth) neo-liberal world order.

    Alien Abductees

    You might also begins to wonder how many alien abductees over the past 70 years were simply MK Ultra guinea pigs and also what social engineering ambitions the patrons of these cults have for humanity going forward into the “post-Great Reset age”?

    As one can imagine, the very act of providing government funds to investigate flying saucers was itself sufficient to legitimize the existence of aliens in the minds of millions of Europeans and Americans during the Cold War years. During these dark years, faith in the possibility of honest government collapsed under the imperial wars of Korea, Vietnam abroad and the growth of the Military Industrial Complex and McCarthyism at home. The world of secret patents, secret weapons, secret R&D that developed during this period in facilities like Area 51 made the frequent sightings by civilians and even un-vetted military pilots of “unidentified flying aircraft” an expected occurrence.

    Green alien with black large glass eyes on the background of a flying saucer. UFO concept, aliens, contact with extraterrestrial civilization

  • Fulton County Sues Dominion Voting Systems!

    On September 20th, Fulton County (PA) filed a lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems for breach of contract and breach of warrant.

    Need I tell you, dear reader, that America’s corrupt corporate media ignored this landmark lawsuit?

    Here’s page 13 of Fulton County’s 29-page lawsuit (read it here(opens new window)) and it’s a killer for electronic voting machines in America.

    Five Key Issues

    Fulton County hired another company called Wake TSI to review the Dominion machines, and Wake TSI delivered a report in February 2021 that showed five key issues:

    • There were errors in the ballot scanning.
    • There was a failure of Dominion Voting to meet Commonwealth
      Certification requirements.
    • There were non-certified database tools installed on the Dominion
      Voting System.
    • There were changes made to EMS three weeks before the 2020
    • There was a lack of commonwealth L&A inspections of the
      Dominion Voting Systems.

  • "CDC no longer recommends universal masking in health facilities"; why? Because the CDC knows that the COVID face masks were always ineffective and harmful, never worked, see my review below

    What is happening is that agencies like CDC & NIH & FDA quietly trying to walk back and reverse garbage policies & decisions because they know the public is on to them; every action CDC took was wrong

    UNMASK! Protect yourself and others from TYRANNY. Take off the mask, breath freely, hug openly, especially around friends and family on: Beach Access Boardwalks Walkways (Color Version)

  • CDC no longer recommends universal masking in health facilities

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention no longer recommends universal masking in health care settings, unless the facilities are in areas of high COVID-19 transmission.

    The agency quietly issued the updates as part of an overhaul to its infection control guidance for health workers published late Friday afternoon. It marks a major departure from the agency’s previous recommendation for universal masking.

    “Updates were made to reflect the high levels of vaccine-and infection-induced immunity and the availability of effective treatments and prevention tools,” the CDC’s new guidance says.

    Illustrated woman with thumbs up: Thank you for not wearing a mask.

  • Defamation of Giorgia Meloni Refuted

    Go to the source to watch the video with Malone’s voiceover if you’d rather listen in English.

  • Doctor Turns Against Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines, Calls for Global Pause

    A doctor who promoted COVID-19 vaccines is now calling for health authorities around the world to pause administration of two of the most-widely utilized COVID-19 vaccines, asserting that the benefits from the vaccines may not outweigh the risks.

    “There is more than enough evidence—I would say the evidence is overwhelming—to pause the rollout of the vaccine,” Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a British cardiologist and evidence-based medicine expert, told The Epoch Times.

    Why the change of heart?

    Malhotra received the Pfizer primary series in January 2021. He became a promoter of the vaccine, even appearing on “Good Morning Britain” to advise Indian film director Gurinder Chadha to get the shot. Chadha did so shortly after.

    Malhotra said he began digging into vaccine data after his father, Dr. Kailash Chand, suffered a cardiac arrest at home approximately six months after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine.

    The post-mortem showed two of Chand’s major arteries were severely blocked, even though Malhotra described his father as a fit person who did not have any significant heart problems.

  • Turbo Cancer: Cancer rates spike since the vaccine roll-out, but no one knows why...

    With cancers on the rise all around the world, it’s long been a point of contention around the possibility that the COVID vaccines were a driver of this increase.

    Military 3x Worse for Cancer

    Meanwhile, the US Military has been seeing a 3x increase in cancers within their servicemen.

    Dr. Ryan Cole on a Possible Answer

    Dr. Ryan Cole of Idaho, USA has a hypothesis as to how turbo cancer (or wildfire cancer as it’s also called) could be related to the vaccine’s effects on the host immune system:

    He believes that the killer T-cells of a vaccinated system aren’t able to properly do their job. And part of their typical job is seeking out and destroying atypical cells throughout the body. This includes cancerous cells.

    If the killer T-cells are asleep on the job, it could account for what people are seeing as patients post-vaccination are going from stage 1 to stage 4 cancers in periods as short as 2 to 4 weeks!

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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