No License for Disinformation is Funded by Guess Who? Report by Dr. Mary Talley Bowden MD

Below is an excellent article exposing these useful idiots and where they get their funding. I surmised a while back that they must be funded by someone. Their Twitter account is gone, but the website is back up (it had been down) and I just checked…it is down again. Looks like this is intentional. I hope they are fearing lawsuits. One has been filed where they are mentioned. Here’s a link to the lawsuit: PDF, opens new window (opens new window)

Someone posted this screenshot from Taylor Nichols, who I think is one of the founders, ostensibly before their Twitter account went dark:

Twitter Screenshot of Taylor Nichols message

It’s being used against you Taylor because you are espousing denying others their freedom. I find it interesting that you are suddenly allowing “room to disagree” when everything else I saw from you was profound certainty about disinformation and who the disinformation spreaders were. Are you looking for amnesty? Here’s some lines from the lawsuit above:

Many of these threats have emanated with particular ferocity from physicians associated with a nonprofit organization called “No License for Disinformation” (NLFD). NLFD was among AB 2098’s primary proponents. (Complaint ¶ 76). The bill’s author twice invited its executive director to testify in legislative hearings as one of two lead witnesses in support of the bill. (Complaint ¶ 76). Its members frequently encourage other Twitter users to report licensed physicians to their medical boards for making any statements about Covid-19 that NFLD considers inaccurate. (Complaint ¶ 76).

For example, on January 1, 2022, Dr. Chris Hickie, an Arizona physician associated with NLFD, tweeted a screenshot depicting a portion of a study by Plaintiff Dr. Høeg that contained the phrase: “the risk of myocarditis following vaccination is consistently higher in young males,” and remarked, “You deserve to lose your medical license, Hoeg,” and commented months later: “I look forward to reporting you to your medical board once a certain law is passed in California.” (Exhibit F).

Nice guys who are all in for free speech I see.

Dr. Bowden hired a private investigator. She wrote:

I hired a private investigator to research this organization and am sharing their report. The next step will be FOIA requests to the organizations backing NLFD.

Her Substack looks great(opens new window) and I’ve also added the letter she wrote that apparently got everything started.

  • No License for Disinformation

    This has a lot of information on the infamous NLFD. Dr. Bowden.

    No License for Disinformation is financially backed by Panorama Global – a nonprofit receiving funding from Bill Gates

    The most interesting thing about the company for me is the increase in contributions from 2016 to 2019:

    Total revenue of company in 2016 – $339,724

    Total revenue of company in 2019 – $17,741,156

  • Letters to My Patients The letter that started it all.

    There are two letters in this post, both worth the read. You may recall that Dr. Bowden went somewhat viral when she said she would no longer take new patients who were vaccinated. This is the original letter and one she wrote recently.

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