No License for Disinformation (NLFD)

You can probably guess what kind of disinformation the NLFD is talking about. The NFLD is all about reporting doctors who, God forbid, would prescribe Ivermectin or any other treatment that is not CDC (Tony (Dr. Death) Fauci) approved. They’ll also come after you if you dispense disinformation about masks, jab side effects, you know, anything that doesn’t fit the narrative.

One of the  founders of this group, Taylor Nichols, MD, was challenged by Steve Kirsch to a debate (subscribe to Kirsch’s is excellent and full of very good disinformation). Strangely enough, Kirsch hasn’t heard back. I decided to leave a little note for Taylor through the website which I won’t link to because I don’t want the NLFD to receive that SEO credit. The site is:

Message to Taylor Nichols, MD from The Inmate

Hey Taylor,

I see that Steve Kirsch has challenged you to a debate. Go for it, buddy. If you’re so sure about what medical disinformation is and so well-informed you should be able to take him down easily. He’ll probably have Dr. Robert Malone on his team too. Intimidated? You should be. I’ll be waiting to see if you have the guts for a debate. I won’t hold my breath.

The Inmate

I want to know who is funding this site, because someone must be funding it. I suspect, that is, I think it is possible, I’m not asserting anything for sure, that Taylor and his good buddies who won’t debate Steve Kirsch are getting something for their troubles even though they won’t debate Steve Kirsch. They will not debate Steve Kirsch because they are ill-informed, intellectually-compromised disinformationists themselves who will not debate Steve Kirsch. Back in the old days we called people like that, chickenshits. But we would never posit such a thing today. Never. Did I mention they won’t debate Steve Kirsch?

I think their acronym should stand for: Nazi Lying Feckless Doctors. I guess I could replace “Feckless” with something else. I’ll have to think about that.

NLFD Meme.

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