No License for Disinformation Will Now “be working privately”

I will make updates about NLFD and the lawsuit they’ve been mentioned in. Most recent at the top.

The site is still down…I wonder what they’re up to.

Now the site cannot be reached at all. Looks like it has been completely taken down. Excellent. The domain expires in August of 2025.

UPDATE: LMFAO. These guys cannot make up their minds on their website. It’s down again. If you go there you’ll see the Private Site image. Lord Almighty I hope this is it….gone for good.

The useful idiots can’t seem to make up their minds on their website. So the website is back up along with an image of the section of the lawsuit where they are mentioned. I quoted from that section in a previous post, but here it is again:

Many of these threats have emanated with particular ferocity from physicians associated with a nonprofit organization called “No License for Disinformation” (NLFD). NLFD was among AB 2098’s primary proponents. (Complaint ¶ 76). The bill’s author twice invited its executive director to testify in legislative hearings as one of two lead witnesses in support of the bill. (Complaint ¶ 76). Its members frequently encourage other Twitter users to report licensed physicians to their medical boards for making any statements about Covid-19 that NFLD considers inaccurate. (Complaint ¶ 76).

For example, on January 1, 2022, Dr. Chris Hickie, an Arizona physician associated with NLFD, tweeted a screenshot depicting a portion of a study by Plaintiff Dr. Høeg that contained the phrase: “the risk of myocarditis following vaccination is consistently higher in young males,” and remarked, “You deserve to lose your medical license, Hoeg,” and commented months later: “I look forward to reporting you to your medical board once a certain law is passed in California.” (Exhibit F).[emphasis mine]

The home page has some short paragraphs. Here they are:

We appreciate everyone’s support.

No one understands this issue like we do.

The fight is moving to the courts in an effort to “sue it true.”

Moving forward we will be working privately, continuing to fight on your behalf.

Please support our fight. No one is going to do this for us. That’s how democracy works. Get Vaccinated and Vote.[emphasis mine]

Get vaccinated and vote? They can’t let it go. Unfortunately, the form to report doctors is still up along with a Donate button. I will follow this lawsuit, it should tell us a lot about if this sinking ship can be saved.


The new home page of NLFD with some snarky comments by the The Inmate.

The new home page of NLFD with some snarky comments by the The Inmate

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