OhioHealth wins The Asylum Unjust 100 Award

America's Most UNJUST Companies

awarded to

I’ll be blunt. I could spend the rest of my life handing out these awards because there are so many companies that deserve it. How do I choose? It’s random. If I’m in a bad mood and see a company in the news that is mandating the vaccine, I’ll pick them. If I’m busy with other stuff I just ignore it and move on.

OhioHealth is a large company that employs 35,000. Their slogan on the About Us page is:

We are more than a health system.
We are a belief system.
We are OhioHealth.

A belief system is absolutely correct. Their belief (ignoring the current science) is that you should have to put an experimental drug into your body to maintain your standing as an employee. So, yes, they are most definitely “more than a health system.” They’re the useful idiots of this current regime and its push for a totalitarian state.

Enjoy the award, OhioHealth, it comes with absolutely no benefits whatsoever.

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