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  • What Is The Current Evidence for mRNA Vaccine Shedding?

    I’ve been thinking about shedding for a long time. The Midwestern Doctor weighs in on this important, controversial topic. He’s thorough, careful and insightful. I recommend the entire article, but here are some excerpts:

    That being said, from having looked into this extensively, I am relatively sure of the following:
    1. Shedding is very real.
    2. People’s sensitivity to it greatly varies.
    3. Most of the people who are highly sensitive to shedding have already figured it out, so if you do not already believe it is an issue for you, you probably don’t need to worry about it.
    4. There is still no agreed upon mechanism to explain why it happens.

    The Mechanistic Trap

    …the habitual tendency of science to reject observations which have no mechanism that could explain how they are happening. In turn, I argued this was problematic as it results in many critically important observations being dismissed since their “mechanism” lies outside the existing scientific paradigm.

    Real World Evidence

    While I have seen many anecdotal cases suggesting “shedding is real, in my eyes, the strongest proof for shedding comes from the observations by Pierre Kory and Scott Marsland at their clinical practice which is dedicated to treating vaccine injuries (which places them in a unique position to observe and evaluate this phenomenon). They have:

    •Seen more than twenty patients develop similar symptoms after a shedding exposure, particularly after a “strong” shedding exposure.
    •Found that those symptoms resemble what is seen in other spike protein pathologies (e.g., long COVID or a mRNA vaccine injury).
    •Found those symptoms often respond to the same treatments used for treating other spike protein pathologies (e.g., ivermectin which binds the spike protein).
    •Found many patients will repeatedly have shedding symptoms emerge after the same exposure (e.g., always feeling ill when a vaccinated husband returns from a long trip away).
    •Been able to determine that those they suspect are a shedder (e.g., the husband) test positive (through an antibody test) for a high spike protein levels.
    •Found that eliminating the shedder from the patient’s life or treating the (asymptomatic) shedder with a vaccine injury protocol significantly helps their patient get well.

    Susceptible to Shedding


    •Be highly sensitive to toxins in their environment (hence leading to them frequently being injured by pharmaceutical products).
    •Very empathetic and perceptive of subtle qualities others do not notice.
    •Have an ectomorph or Sattvic constitution.
    •Frequently have ligamentous laxity (e.g., Ehlers-Danlos has been correlated with being predisposed to HPV vaccine injuries and many are now reporting EDS predisposes one to a COVID vaccine injury).

    Due to these susceptibilities, those patients frequently have chronic illnesses such as mast cell degranulation disorder, multiple chemical sensitivities, lyme disease, mold toxicity and fibromyalgia. These patients were more likely to avoid the COVID vaccine (due to their previous bad experiences with pharmaceuticals) and more likely to be chronically debilitated by the COVID vaccine (or a COVID-19 infection). Tragically, we’ve also seen many patients effectively develop these sensitivities after a COVID-19 vaccine injury.

    Note: I consider myself to be a sensitive individual but I have not had any issue being in close proximity to people (e.g., patients) who were recently vaccinated. Conversely, many of my sensitive female friends (who are less sensitive than me) have experienced notable effects from shedding (e.g., menstrual abnormalities), which suggests to be there is more to this picture than just having a “sensitive” constitution.


    The second are patients who have been sensitized to the spike protein due to a previous vaccine injury or having long COVID. These patients in turn frequently find their symptoms worsen when they are around individuals who were vaccinated and many have reported that their sensitivity to shedding increases with time.


    The third are the people who cannot effectively produce antibodies to the spike protein.

    Most Common

    The most common observation with shedders is that they are dramatically more likely to shed soon after vaccination (depending on who you ask, this window ranges from three days to four weeks). However, more, sensitive patients find they are affected by a shedder indefinitely and strongly disagree with a 2-4 week cutoff.

    Who Sheds the Most?

    It has also been observed that young and healthy people tend to shed more frequently (presumably since their body has a greater capacity to manufacture the spike), children shed the most, and that the elderly shed the least frequently.

    Shedding Odor?

    One of the odd things quite a few people have reported is a distinct smell which emerged around them after the vaccines entered the market. For example, consider this comment from a reader:

    In terms of crowds… I too have experienced this many times. I feel unwell with flu like symptoms and can smell a unique ordour around people. After feeling this way and smelling the same ordour several times in company with family and friends, I confirmed the correlation with the covid vaccination. As it transpired each has been vaccinated within the previous week. I am very sensitive to meds and in general and I swear I can smell something so now I ask and yep the link is there!

    Where Does Exposure Happen?

    General proximity to the vaccinated person—this is most likely respiratory in nature and the most common form of shedding exposure reported by patients.

    Through skin to skin contact. Often patients report that they have some difficulty around vaccinated individuals, but notice things become much worse once some physical contact occurs, especially prolonged physical contact. This is thought to be due to the spike protein being “shed” in the sweat.

    Additionally, I have seen a few reports where the shedding effect appeared to be transferable (e.g., someone touched an object a vaccinated person touched like a phone and then became ill). Sadly, I have also come across multiple reports (e.g., this onethis one, and this one) of cleaners who notice that they get ill when they change sheets that were slept in by vaccinated individuals, one of whom noted sheets vaccinated individuals have slept in have a slightly yellowish tint.

    There is also some evidence shedding occurs in other secretions. This has been most clearly shown with vaccine mRNA being packaged into exosomes found in breast milk (e.g., see this study in the Lancet) but there is some evidence suggesting it applies to other secretions (e.g., sweat or saliva) as well.

    Additionally, there have been concerning infant reactions to breast milk from vaccinated mothers within VAERS and far more in Pfizer’s adverse event collection system (further discussed within this excellent article), which suggest some form of toxicity is being transmitted via the breast milk. Additionally, a study published a year ago in JAMA found that 3.5% of women reported a decrease in breast milk supply and 1-2% reported “issues with their breastmilk-fed infant after vaccination.”


    There seem to be three common variants of exposures:

    •Immediate—Patients often notice this, and either feel as though some type of poison had been immediately injected into them, or that there is an oppressive presence in the area they are entering which makes them feel unwell.
    Note: I presently suspect this form occurs in the most sensitive patients as the symptoms experienced in concurrence with that “oppressive presence” are often quite similar to what mold sensitive patients experience in moldy rooms and EMF sensitive patients experience in high EMF areas.

    •A 6-24 hour delay—This seems to be the most common variant. In certain cases, patients have reported this occurring like clockwork (e.g., every Monday they or a relative gets ill after they had gone to church on Sunday).

    •A longterm delay—This is often seen in the patients who have the most severe complications from vaccine shedding.

    In each of these cases, patients will typically recover after a few days, but there were also many patients who reported a permanent (partial or debilitating) illness after the shedding exposure.

    Common Symptoms

    By far the most commonly reported symptoms are gynecologic in nature. Of these, menstrual abnormalities are by far the most common (something also seen with the vaccine), and I have lost count of how many people have shared a story of a short or long term menstrual abnormality which occurred immediately after what they in hindsight realized was a textbook shedding exposure.

    Other Symptoms in the Article

    • Bruising
    • Dizziness
    • Mental cloudiness
    • A general feeling of being unwell…like how you might feel before the flu

    Some of the less frequent symptoms I see repeatedly reported (which are also frequently seen with the vaccines) include:

    •Atrial Fibrillation (this is also a classic blood stasis condition which often responds well to restoring the physiologic zeta potential—e.g., see this reader’s comment).
    •Muscle pain (e.g., in the calves).
    •Sinus pressure or a copious nasal discharge.
    •Skin rashes (e.g., psoriasis or hives), something we also repeatedly saw in the vaccinated (e.g., at dermatology clinics—where sadly the dermatologists insisted again and again could not be linked to the vaccine).

    Note: most of the above symptoms are linked to blood stasis and thus poor zeta potential.

    Some other Shedding Symptoms

    Nonetheless, I have seen quite a few examples shared in the comments on Dr. Kory’s recent series about shedding such as:

    Multiple signs of a stroke (e.g., drooping facial muscles and difficulty concentrating or driving).
    Severe blood clots in the legs.
    PMR (a debilitating autoimmune disease repeatedly seen after COVID vaccination) in an unvaccinated woman who worked in a lab with many vaccinated coworkers.
    An individual with progressively worsening seizures (due to shedding) eventually experiencing a fatal seizure after a Thanksgiving dinner with vaccinated family members.
    A cancer which appeared to be strongly linked to the vaccine shedding.
    Note: linking a cancer to shedding is almost impossible to prove, but I believe this case represents the closest you can get (especially since the recipient received an unusually high shedding dose). Additionally, her rare cancer was identical to the aggressive one that a Moderna vaccine trial recipient developed (and Moderna never disclosed in their trial report despite the trial participant doing her best to get it recognized).


  • What We've Learned from Hundreds of Vaccine Shedding Reports

  • Darkfield Live Blood Analysis C19 Unvaccinated Blood. C19 Vax Shedding And Environmental Exposure Has Not Slowed Down

    Still not sure what I think of this.

    People ask all the time – if the blood findings in C19 unvaccinated blood are as bad as I say they are, then why are not more unvaccinated people having problems. I can clearly say they are. C19 unvaccinated individuals are describing symptoms of fatigue, palpitations, brain fog, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, depression, new onset endocrine dysregulation, menstrual irregularities, headaches, EMF sensitivity and many other problems that they just did not have before the C19 vax rollout. Often people are sensitive enough to feel significant symptoms when exposed to C19 injected individuals.

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Shedding isn’t real!

So, another conspiracy theory? Like all those others that came true?

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