Pandemic Doctors

I am still amazed at the medical community and their reluctance to speak out about what they are seeing. I know they can lose their licenses and lose their careers, but people are losing their lives. People are looking at health issues they may be dealing with for the rest of their lives.

We asked one doctor about a treatment my wife is looking into that requires the blood of many individuals to create (IVIG for any of you who are interested). We wanted to know the implications of using blood from vaccinated people. The doctor was very dismissive, as if it was ridiculous question. I asked a couple doctors we trust. Both of them said, that’s a great question…that we are not allowed to ask. Follow the science, right?

I want to make sure I’m understood here. I’m not saying everyone who gets the jab is going to die or face horrible health issues, but enough people are that under any other circumstances this “vaccine” would have been discontinued many, many months ago. The global regimes, however, just press on.

NO CHILDREN should be getting this shot. None! Many, many qualified doctors are saying this.

Photo of many doctors: Pandemic Doctors, because we all need another profession we can't trust.

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