People’s Convoy Shifts Gears to Protest Proposed California Vaccine Laws

This is good news from The Epoch Times(opens new window):

Truckers protesting the Biden administration’s reluctance to give up its COVID-19 pandemic-induced emergency powers are now headed to California to fight against proposed vaccine-related legislation.

If you’re not aware of the current California laws being proposed, they are the worst in the nation. The Asylum is following 5 of them. AB 1993 is scheduled to be discussed tomorrow (March 30th) at 1:30 p.m. PST. They’re all bad and I won’t try to rank them, but this one, if passed, will require all employees both public and private to be vaccinated in order to work. Companies will be fined for not enforcing this. This also includes independent contractors. It would go into effect on January 1, 2023.

My wife and I both qualify NOT to receive a paycheck if this passes. We’ll have to move since there is no way in hell we will get the vaccine. But remember, it is not coercion. Or bullying. It’s just tough love.

While You Were Sleeping

As the nation and countries have pivoted (love that word, they’re all using it now for any number of things) away from mask mandates and some people appear to be backtracking, many things are still moving forward. If we are pivoting, why has California proposed the most restrictive COVID laws in the nation? If we are pivoting why is Fauci talking about being ready to “pivot” back to COVID restrictions?(opens new window) If we are pivoting why is Pfizer’s CEO talking about more boosters?(opens new window)

From The Epoch Times Article, Mike Landis, a lead trucker and spokesman for The People’s Convoy, said this:

“We’re not done here[in D.C.]. But we’ll go to California and raise awareness on this along the way, and hopefully gain more people like we did on our way here.”

“There’s been some tyranny brought to my attention today,” he said before he read aloud summaries of the 10 California bills…

These bills are definitely tyrannical. Here are the five I am covering at The Asylum:

  • California SB 866 Minors: Vaccine Consent. Minors 12 and older would not need parental consent to get the jab.
    View SB 866 Page
  • California SB 1464: Law Enforcement: Public Health Orders. Requires sheriffs and peace officers to enforce public health orders.
    View SB 1464 Page
  • California AB 1797: Immunization Registry. It is the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation relating to immunization registry.
    View AB 1797 Page
  • California AB No. 1993 Would Require Public and Private Companies to Only Employ Vaccinated Workers
    View AB 1993 Page
  • California AB 2098: A COVID censorship bill that would hold medical professionals accountable for spreading “misinformation.”
    View AB 2098 Page

The latter is a direct attack upon free speech, the ability of doctors to follow science, their practical experience and their consciences.

Landis also said this:

This is a type of nonsense that creates a tyrannical government. This is a type of nonsense that’s going to keep us from being free people.

That is exactly right. We are in a war, a different kind of war for sure, but we are all soldiers whether we want to be or not. Let’s be good ones.

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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