Press Release: The Asylum’s Never Comply Campaign

Contact:The Inmate

April 11, 2022

Never Comply

A Campaign for and by the Citizens of the World

This week The Asylum begins its Never Comply campaign. Never Comply will focus on everyday, regular people who will not comply with threats to their freedoms and liberties. They will represent non-compliance and defiance in the face of our current situation with mask and vaccine mandates, censorship, The Great Reset and totalitarianism.

This is a campaign for and by the citizens of the world against our real enemies: governments, elites, banks, the World Economic Forum, the Biden regime, corporations and any entities attempting to take away our freedom and liberty.

The campaign will begin with a series of black and white posters. It is hoped that these will be used by others to create similar posters. Ideally, the posters (or memes, if you wish) would become common, but unique, using the faces of thousands and thousands of individuals to symbolize the millions upon millions of people who will never comply with tyranny. Ideally, the posters will come to represent individuals from every walk of life, from every country and from all races and nationalities who will bravely stand up for freedom and liberty.

The campaign will use three hashtags to identify it.

Always use this one:


Use one of these in conjunction with the above:


The Asylum will be sharing posters on GETTR, GAB, (The Donald) and, of course, right here on You can share these posters (or any you create) on social media platforms, websites and through emails. Posters can also be printed and shared in the real world. All posters on The Asylum can be downloaded from their respective pages or on this page where all the posters will be listed. Like our fight against tyranny, the Never Comply Campaign’s success hinges upon the participation of thousands and thousands of people who will use their own photos, plug them into the provided templates and post them or, at the very least, share Never Comply posters found in the wild.

The Inmate kicks off this campaign with the first poster.

Never Comply Templates

Poster templates are provided below in JPG, PNG and PSD formats. You are free to use these for NON-COMMERCIAL use only. The Photoshop file comes with other text and layers.

Read About the Never Comply Campaign » »


As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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