Protesting is Not Civil Disobedience

Protests that do not lead to action are useless.

It’s good for like-minded people to get together and feel encouraged, but if those people go home and continue their lives without participating in civil disobedience, the protest was futile. At this point civil disobedience is a necessity, not an option.

In Van Morrison’s new album, What’s it Gonna Take?, his song “Not Seeking Approval” addresses the elites:

For them, it’s business as usual
They’re not seeking our approval

They’re not. They don’t give a flying fuck about protests unless it looks like people are going to do something. Look at January 6. Whatever you think about that, most of the people stayed outside to protest what they believed was election fraud on a large scale. What did they get? Nothing, except being told to shut-up, accept the results of the “most secure election in history” and move on. They were not allowed to voice their concerns either before Congress or on our precious social media platforms.

The government has no patience for citizens. They like us if we do what they say, beyond that–we’re simply a nuisance.

But if we don’t do what they say, that’s when the fun begins.

Instead of just protesting mask mandates in schools or approaching the school boards and then complying if they don’t change the policy, parents should pull their kids out of school. Don’t like the books your school has in the library and they won’t get rid of them, pull your kids out of school.

If these egomaniacs try to lock us down again, don’t do it. If they try to make us wear masks again, just don’t do it. We have a lot of power if we use it, but only if we use it in mass.

If things get a lot worse and they mandate vaccines through laws, don’t get the vaccine. Refuse.

We have to say, “No.”

We have to say, “That’s enough.”

We have to say, “We’re done. No more.”

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