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    Misinformation: A Cynical Enterprise

    "The *broad* definition of misinformation is incoherent." — Nate Silver

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    Why Ray Epps Isn’t In Jail

    "It was to give half of America a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. . . the old double-barreled middle finger. . . a thunderous fuck you..." — James Howard Kunstler

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    Ruling class is trying to re-enslave the population

    "Now the ruling class is trying to re-enslave the population through chronic illness — enslavement to Pharma that drains all wealth out of individuals, families, and nations." — Toby Rogers

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    Cynically Exploited Riot

    "The reality is there was no "deadly insurrection"—just a cynically exploited riot. Nor was there a "Plan"—just a lot of cynically exploited patriots mourning the loss of their country." — Joe Allen

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    Spotting Deepfake

    "DeepMedia recently made its deepfake detection capabilities available for free on X, formerly known as Twitter." — The Epoch Times

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    Beware the Bamboozlers

    "...we must prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for the whirlwind of bullshittery..." — Daniel D.

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    Journalists are War Criminals

    "...if wars can be started by lies, truth can be started, peace can be started by truth." — Julian Assange

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    They All Lie Constantly

    "THEY ALL LIE CONSTANTLY. All governments. All militaries. All news organizations."

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    "No, typically, who people want to lash out at, when they finally realize that they’ve been bamboozled, are the people who didn’t get bamboozled along with them..." — C.J. Hopkins

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    Denying What is Self-Evident

    "When you deny what is self-evident, you are at war with reality, and that never ends well." — James Howard Kunstler

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