A Deadly Machine to Steal Our Wealth

The Pharma Industrial Complex works like this: picture a 60-year-old woman. She has one million dollars in a 401(k) and another million dollars in equity in her house that she shares with her husband. If Pharma can convince this woman to get a Covid shot every year it has a chance to steal her entire net worth.

The shot itself only generates about $100 in revenue for Pharma. But soon thereafter she develops an autoimmune disorder, myocarditis, or has a stroke. She’s in and out of the hospital and sees an endless string of specialists who order hundreds of useless tests and prescribe a growing quantity of high-priced medicines. She slowly gets worse and now additional chronic conditions develop (diabetes, cancer, and/or dementia).

At first her insurance covers some of the costs. Then the government picks up some costs. But as her health continues to deteriorate the family spends down their savings. They cash out her 401(k) and then her husband’s as well. Eventually the husband sells the house to pay for more treatments that don’t work.

After a decade of illness she dies and the family says, “she received the best care.” But now they are in debt with no assets. If some evil man had kidnapped this family and forced them to work in a salt mine he could not have extracted nearly as much wealth as Pharma does by encouraging this woman to get the junk science Covid shots every year (along with junk science flu, RSV, pneumonia, and shingles shots).

Now multiply this crime times the 270 million Americans who got Covid shots and the 5.5 billion people around the world who got Covid shots and you start to realize the enormity of what we are up against. This is the largest crime in human history, it’s ongoing, and Pharma’s goal is literally to steal the stored wealth of the entire industrialized world.

— Toby Rogers
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