An Inadequacy to Grasp the New Geopolitical Realities

The multitude of forms of total non-military war that are being waged against humanity is not even perceived by the great majority of people as a general assault on humanity. This inadequacy to grasp the new geopolitical realities with their profound spiritual significance could soon prove fatal for the whole world. A certain error of perspective, an inertia of thought keeps the collective mind in the captivity of bygone times.

In the new historical conditions of globalization, owing to a massive leap in science and technology and the gigantic concentration of world power in the hands of private entities, the old schemes of division between countries, regions and civilizations are no longer valid; they now merely serve as a mask that disguises the true face of the parties to the conflict.

— Iurie Rosca
UNRESTRICTED WARFARE: A Holistic Approach to the Great Reset by Iurie Ro?ca, Arktos Journal (Opens new window)

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