Dr. Malone on Censorship, Denialism, and Weaponized Gaslighting

Often associated with terms such as “cancel culture”, “virtue signaling” and “woke-ism”, this movement appears to have manifested as a belief system which holds that the individuals as well as the collective body politic have a fundamental right to intellectual protection, to not encounter unpleasant thoughts, information or ideas which are inconsistent with their internal model of reality. These are the intellectual roots which nurture censorship, denialism, and the weaponized gaslighting, defamation and slander, as well as the idea that anything which causes individuals to lose faith in their government constitutes domestic terrorism and should be treated as such.

— Dr. Robert Malone
Plato and The Big Picture (Opens new window)

Malone has delved more and more into philosophy and psychology in his substack(opens new window) and less and less into the COVID/Vaccine crisis itself. Many of us do not need to be more and more convinced that what is happening is criminal, what we need are ways to fix it and to convince those around us that our governments are not telling us the truth. Malone appears to be heading in this direction with his new book coming out, Lies My Gov’t Told Me and The Better Future Coming.

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