Expunging Opinions that Contradict Government and MSM Narratives

The efforts to expunge all scientific data and opinions countering government and news media narratives on the pandemic and vaccines — bear a strong resemblance to known undertakings applied in pursuit of totalitarianism. Today’s compromised ethical standards in controlling science reverberate with the initial restrictions on thought that permitted the ultimate brutality of previous regimes.

— David Marks
Science And The Rise Of Totalitarianism (Opens new window)

From the same essay:

Early indications of a repressive order were the cancellations of presentations and denunciations of great innovative thinkers. In 1932, Albert Einstein left Germany with a price on his head. The Nazis were interested in eliminating any competition outside of party doctrine, and their agenda was quickly implemented. Many of the brilliant German scientists of the era were purged from the system well before the beginning of World War II as the fantasy of a superior race dominated nationalistic rhetoric. Renowned physicists, doctors, and researchers were incarcerated; if they had the means, they fled Germany because they were not allowed to work or were in fear for their lives.

And this:

This is a dangerous syndrome, and the increasing control of thought and speech alerts us to the possibility of an impending cataclysm. Crushing voices of dissent is a necessity for any bureaucracy seeking absolute power. It is a verifiable symptom of the rise of a totalitarian state.

And this:

It is a precarious mistake to ignore the outrageous and dangerous marginalization of concerned medical practitioners, brilliant researchers, and experienced analysts like Norman FentonRobert MaloneMattias DesmetDavid MartinKaren KingstonPeter McCulloughVandana ShivaPaul MarikMary Talley BowdenPierre KoryJay BhattacharyaJessica RoseBrian HookerGeert Vanden BosscheJohn Campbell, and Meryl Nass. This is only a partial list of the hundreds of thousands of other doctors, scientists, and concerned citizens — including those who signed the Great Barrington Declaration — whose open minds threaten an establishment boldly disparaging their views and wisdom.

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