It Was Always Planned

As part of “covid live military exercise” it was always planned that when deaths and injuries become so undeniable, that 98%+ Americans refuse the boosters (and technically become anti-vaxxers), and the truth about DOD deploying bioweapons on Americans with intent to kill and harm becomes sort of known, Pfizer will be “prosecuted” with much great publicity (to drown out the truth). Just like all previous “prosecutions”, there will be some sort of government investigation, millions spent on lawyers (gov and Pfizer), billions-trillions-gazzillions paid in fines TO THE GOVERNMENT, and maybe a few bucks will go to the victims, but don’t hold your breath. Pfizer will probably declare bankruptcy which will protect its shareholders. Criminals investigating themselves, when find themselves guilty, pay themselves. The end.

— Sasha Latypova
Breaking: Pfizer is going under the bus... (Opens new window)

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