Reckoning Unmatched in the History of the World

Encouragingly, Dowd — like me — thinks we are making progress. He told Russell, “The good news is, word is getting out, booster uptake is down, and people are starting to spread it, despite the media clampdown on this issue, and the political clampdown, and the regulatory clampdown.”

Guess what? You and I are a critical part of this good news, since we are all helping get the word out. At some point soon, a point racing closer and closer, we’ll reach a tipping point where enough people realize what actually happened and then things will start happening.

And at that point, there will be a reckoning that, in Dowd’s words, will be “unmatched in the history of the world.”

— Jeff Childers
CROOKED TRIO - Friday, November 3, 2023 - C&C NEWS (Opens new window)

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