So the left political project now is…a toxic mimic of its former self

So the left political project now is just kitsch, a toxic mimic of its former self, deployed by the ruling class to enslave and depopulate the world.

— Toby Rogers
There is no political left; what appears like leftism today is BlackRock, the WEF, & the CIA engaged in left cosplay (Opens new window)

From the same article:

It’s a lot easier to oppress and enslave people if they do not realize that they are being oppressed and enslaved.

  • ‘No sweetie, you’re not being poisoned, made a debt slave, and drained of all income and wealth — you are being saved from deadly diseases through Safe & Effective Vaccines™?!’
  • ‘No sweetie, you’re not being chained to Central Bank Digital Currency, imprisoned in 15 minute cities, and forced to eat synthetic food — you’re saving the planet and yourself from Catastrophic Climate Change™?!’
  • ‘No sweetie, you’re not being sterilized and castrated in order to reduce the population and enrich the ruling class — you’re being empowered to be your True Authentic Self™?!’

And his concluding thoughts from this excellent article:

But there is no reason the rest of us have to go along with this sick and twisted charade. We must speak simple truths out loud every day:

  • There is no political left.
  • The current scheme (of endless pandemics, vaccines, lucrative treatments for vaccine harms, CBDC, fake food, 15 minute cities, 5G, internet of bodies, 24/7/365 surveillance, social credit scores, digital vaccine passports, etc.) is being run from above by the ruling class.
  • The ruling class seeks to enslave and depopulate the world.
  • They must be stopped by any means necessary.
  • When we prosecute the architects of the iatrogenocide, our life expectancy and standard of living will soar.
  • Free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, free markets, and free people produce the best outcomes for people on this planet. Let’s return to that.

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