The Principle of a Legally Binding WHO Treaty

Climate change and globalisation mean that natural biological threats are becoming more common… The lesson of the pandemic was that no one is safe until everyone is safe, and that global health is local health, so global co-operation on pandemic preparedness and biological threats clearly needs to be strengthened. That is why the Opposition absolutely supports the principle of a legally binding WHO treaty.

— Preet Kaur Gill
Beware the Globalist ‘One Health’ Propaganda Merging Pandemic and Climate ‘Emergencies’ (Opens new window)

Shiraz Akram makes this comment on this quote:

If, as you read these words, you feel your blood pressure rising and the vessels in your neck pulsating with rage, then congratulations, your reaction is appropriate.  You are clearly immune to the dark art of modern sophistry and rest assured, your critical thought processes are finely tuned.

If, on the other hand, her words reassure you, reconfirm your faith in humanity and fill you with a warm fuzzy feeling, then sadly you have succumbed to the propaganda; you may be a lost cause.

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