This Will be a Sad Time

This will be a sad time. Those of goodwill, on any side, will find themselves pulled in directions they are unlikely to enjoy. The sons and daughters of migrants must square an impossible circle, one not of their own making and bracketed by genuine resentment, rather than the imagined sort we read about today. Into this uncertainty will emerge fresh promises of racial revolution, promises some will find intoxicating.

— Christopher Jolliffe
"The World We've Made" (Opens new window)

From the same essay:

A confident ruling class does not build bunkers on remote islands. Unscrupulous people will see power and leverage; they already do. This is the world that emerged while the Boomers were asleep, and from this world the dominance of the West, which has held for five hundred years, will continue to slide beneath the waves. Our state of spiritual drudgery will further degenerate, and anything that uplifts the soul or seeks God will find such existence anathema. Into this world we must prepare to contend.

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