We Are in a State of War

So, we are in a state of war. The aggressor does not represent a state or a group of states, but constitutes a vast network of private, supranational entities, guided not only by a thirst for absolute power and the establishment of a world tyranny but primarily by deeply spiritual motives of an evil nature. The targets of these forces are all the nations of the world, all human beings, the rivalries between them being simply part of the strategy of domination.

Among the key characteristics that distinguish today’s state of war from classical ones is that it is undeclared, having no such legitimate actors as two belligerent parties represented by states. The enemy is covert, subversive in nature, and attacks its victims with a gamut of unconventional weapons which are not perceived by the target nations as acts of military hostility. In such a case, the golden rule of The Art of War by Sun Tzu is brought to perfection: “Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible; and hence we can hold the enemy’s fate in our hands.” The tactics of dissimulation, and the applying of a veneer of scientific respectability and of supposed moral responsibility for the fate of the world, make the masters of this deadly game virtually invulnerable.

At the crux of the massive force of world influence lies the economic, technological, media and cultural-cognitive power that annihilates any capacity for complex understanding and effective resistance on the part of states and nations. The enemy of mankind is extremely sophisticated, perfectly equipped with an enormous number of instruments, and capable of playing a fateful game for the whole world, while keeping up its show of innocence and good intentions.

— Iurie Rosca
UNRESTRICTED WARFARE: A Holistic Approach to the Great Reset by Iurie Ro?ca, Arktos Journal (Opens new window)

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