• Alienated from Themselves by Toxic Stories

    they are alienated from themselves and their humanity by toxic stories, structurally strangled in their own innards as they are driven to doubt and despise themselves by the impossible task of trying to place a self-destructive nonsense at the core of a “progressive/inclusive” worldview. they have been so thoroughly conditioned and alienated from themselves and their peers that they perceive the evidence of their own senses which scream at them that these “theories” are lies as personal indictment of ever more personal failure, failure to live up to impossible ideology, failure dyed in the flesh like some sort of post modern blood libel.

    — el gato malo
    "coming fo rage stories," bad cattitude (Opens new window)

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  • How to Break a Child

    if you wanted to break a child, how could you possibly improve upon the idea of filling their head with theories inculcated relentlessly and with vast moral opprobrium around a sort of original sin doctrine of “you’re a bad person and can only make amends by believing this and living it” and then shoving them out into the world where this theory will fail to map to anything real while you shout at them that this is proof that they’re a failed and fallen human.

    consider the dissonance this must create.

    it’s self-abnegating brainwashing sold as activist empowerment.

    — el gato malo
    "coming of rage stories," bad cattitude (Opens new window)

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  • No Room for Fear

    On my end, I say yes to composed situational awareness but I say a very firm no to fear. There is no room for fear.

    — Tessa Lena from Tessa Fights Robots
    A reminder to keep a cool head and not allow anyone trick you into fear (Opens new window)

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  • The WHO: An Inept, Power Hungry Bureaucracy

    The WHO is first of all an international bureaucracy and only secondly a collective body of medical and health experts. Its COVID-19 performance was not among its finest. Its credibility was badly damaged by tardiness in raising the alarm; by its acceptance and then rejection of China’s claim that there was no risk of human-to-human transmission; by the failure to hold China accountable for destroying evidence of the pandemic’s origins; by the initial investigation that whitewashed the origins of the virus; by flip-flops on masks and lockdowns; by ignoring the counterexample of Sweden that rejected lockdowns with no worse health outcomes and far better economic, social, and educational outcomes; and by the failure to stand up for children’s developmental, educational, social, and mental health rights and welfare.

    — Ramesh Thakur
    The WHO Wants to Rule the World (Opens new window)

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  • The Primary Goal of the Criminalization of Speech

    No, the primary goal of all this criminalization of speech is not to hunt down and arrest every individual “hate criminal.” It is to generate a climate of paranoia, and condition people to censor themselves, not just writers and artists, everyone, but, absolutely writers and artists, who are, after all, the producers of culture.

    — C.J. Hopkins
    The Hate Police (Opens new window)

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  • There Goes Informed Consent

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA, the Agency, or we) is issuing a final rule to amend its regulations to implement a provision of the 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act). This final rule allows an exception from the requirement to obtain informed consent when a clinical investigation poses no more than minimal risk to the human subject and includes appropriate safeguards to protect the rights, safety, and welfare of human subjects. The final rule permits an institutional review board (IRB) to waive or alter certain informed consent elements or to waive the requirement to obtain informed consent, under limited conditions, for certain FDA-regulated minimal risk clinical investigations.

    — Food and Drug Administration, HHS.
    Institutional Review Board Waiver or Alteration of Informed Consent for Minimal Risk Clinical Investigations (Opens new window)

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  • Prepare!

    To prepare one must gird mind and body. He must exercise and read old books to marinate himself in that which preceded him. This will provide the means to push against the disconnection that colours everything else, one that feeds on the mental and physical apathy the current ethos encourages. He must lift his eyes skyward and resist the easy traps that our culture lays everywhere, including those that privilege the satiation of appetite above all else. He must seek out family and like-minds in the flesh, and avoid the isolation that the simulacrum of the online world creates. It is impossible to predict what exactly this world will demand of him, other than that it will demand a lot. Eventually he will need to act, but he will also need to think. Most importantly, he will need to think before he acts.

    — Christopher Jolliffe
    "The World We've Made" (Opens new window)

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  • This Will be a Sad Time

    This will be a sad time. Those of goodwill, on any side, will find themselves pulled in directions they are unlikely to enjoy. The sons and daughters of migrants must square an impossible circle, one not of their own making and bracketed by genuine resentment, rather than the imagined sort we read about today. Into this uncertainty will emerge fresh promises of racial revolution, promises some will find intoxicating.

    — Christopher Jolliffe
    "The World We've Made" (Opens new window)

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  • The Decline is Tangible and Not by Accident

    Our own sense of decline is tangible, wherever in the West you might live. You feel it when you wake up in the morning; you sense it in the demeanour of the people you meet. This is not a society that enjoys a sure future. All our greatness is behind us, and we are not even permitted to love that. The past is wicked; the present revolutionary; the future frightening. Few are confident. The “stupendous fabric” is crashing under its own weight, but none of those pillars were removed by accident.

    — Christopher Jolliffe
    "The World We've Made" (Opens new window)

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  • Sealioning

    Rhetorically, sealioning fuses persistent questioning—often about basic information, information easily found elsewhere, or unrelated or tangential points—with a loudly-insisted-upon commitment to reasonable debate. It disguises itself as a sincere attempt to learn and communicate. Sealioning thus works both to exhaust a target’s patience, attention, and communicative effort, and to portray the target as unreasonable. While the questions of the “sea lion” may seem innocent, they’re intended maliciously and have harmful consequences.

    — Amy Johnson
    Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society (May 2019) (Opens new window)

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