Re: A Suitcase, 1967, and Fate

by The Inmate

Recently my wife purchased a vintage suitcase.  As I was looking at it I noticed an old piece of paper slipped inside the pocket on the top.  I pulled it out.  It was an old typed letter.  The paper had yellowed and the black ink was somewhat faded.  It reads more like a list than a letter and it appears that a man had made a note to himself chronicling his dissatisfaction with his job.  It seemed strange to me to be reading about this man’s frustration with his job in a letter written 34 years ago.  If I ever needed confirmation that the gods wanted me to be The Inmate in The Corporate Asylum this is it.  What are the odds that I would come a across a letter in an old suitcase that would pertain to my web site?

I realize that much of this letter is not interesting but I reproduce it here in its entirety more as a historical document than as entertainment.  Of particular interest to faithful readers of The Corporate Asylum are points 4, 7 and 14.

Copy sent to Mr. Kelso.  April 15, 1967

Since Mr. Thomas has been ill for many months, some of these things may be a result.

1.  Check call book for number of estimates called for–how many turned in and are now accounts.

2.  Check differences between area, type of business in Dist. I and II.

3.  City and Dist. Mgr. & Op. Mgr. bidding and checking jobs together.

4.  Friction in office–no one in authority who is respected
     Favoritism–taking two girls to lunch(often) but not third girl.

5.  Check window washing hours, days worked and complaints in Dist. I.  This could be a wage and hour case.

6.  P & L late.   Payroll closing late, my copies are dated.

7.  Am told when I ask for information–not necessary.

8.  Dist. 1 billing always late and incomplete.

9.  Bank of America window and vault reports–check letter from Mr. Spivey.

10.  Check profit and loss on two trucks bought for telephone company work.

11.  Check profit on telephone co. accts.  Telephone co. does not pay for holidays.  this time charged holiday.

12.  Dist. 1 waxed telephone buildings in Dist. II after I refused to do work at price bid.

13.  I wanted General Atomic bid at $278[sic] an hour but I was overruled.  We bid it at $2.67.  We came in about $3000 low bidder, low profit.

14.  I quit in June 1966 after bookkeeper jeopardized General Atomic acct.  City District Mgr. refused to listen to my explanation.

15.  Check Mr. Thomas’s files on letter about Dist. II supervisor.  I was not allowed to fire him.

16.  Rumors going through office City Dist. Mgr. had salary garnished and then paid by bookkeeper.  God, wonder what is said about me.

17.  I asked for transfer to Tucson and then to Albuquerque when they opened up.  The man sent to Albuquerque wasn’t trained.

My increases in gross sales, net profit, and satisfied accounts will have to answer for me.  I believe for going for net profit and not gross sales.

I firmly believe that ABM could have a lot more accounts here.

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