Refused Service Without a Mask

I need new glasses. I started calling around to find out if anyplace would allow me to get an eye examination without a mask. The first place I called said definitely no. The 2nd place I called, Werner Optometry in El Cajon, California, eventually said I would not have to wear a mask. I write “eventually” because the phone conversation went like this:

“Will I have to wear mask in your office?”
“It’s recommended that everyone wear a mask.”
“Recommended, but not required?”
“You would need to test negative for COVID.”
“I don’t wear masks and I don’t get tested for COVID. Will I be able to get my eyes examined.”

So there you go, except the story doesn’t end there with Werner Optometry.

When I first go to a doctor’s appointment I always like to get there early in case there’s some issue finding it, etc. I arrived about 30 minutes early and they were closed for lunch. It was a gorgeous day here in Southern California and they had some chairs out in front of their office so I sat down and started looking at my phone. Unfortunately, I missed a message from Werner Optometry an hour earlier. It said this:

Hi, this is ——— at Werner Optometry calling about your appointment today. If you can please give us a call back at ————, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and have a great day. Bye, bye.

I thought that was a little odd, but my first thought was it had something to do with masks. Remember, I am The Inmate, I do get paid the big bucks to anticipate these things. So I called back, left a message and continued browsing my phone. About fifteen minutes later a woman came to the door to open the office.

“Do you work here,” I asked.
“You left a message on my phone that I didn’t see until just now. I have the 1 o’clock appointment.”
“Oh right. Well, we just wanted to call you to let you know that you will have to wear a mask in the waiting room, but the doctor said you can take it off when you go into see him. We’re required to do that because we provide healthcare. Will that be okay?”
“No,” I said. “That will not be okay.”
“Oh, okay. I’m sorry.”
“I’ll just look for another optometry office. Have a nice day.”

The “we’re required to do that because….blah, blah, blah,” is part of the reason we are where we are. Everyone just complies hoping it will end.

It does look like the narrative, at least for mask-wearing, is starting to crumble. CNN is even talking about it.

Mask wearing crumbled for me a long time ago.


P.S. I did send them this little note:

I’m the person you refused service today, because I wouldn’t wear mask in your waiting room. If that was your policy you should have let me know on the phone when I made the appointment.

I was very explicit that I would not be wearing a mask, nor would I come with a negative test result and I was told on the phone I would be given service under those circumstances. It would have been a simple thing to have said, “We can’t take you then.” In which case, I would have thanked you for your time on gone elsewhere.

In this case you wasted a couple of hours of my time and have also prolonged my appointment for an examination.

Needless to say, I’m not happy with Werner Optometry and will not recommend your company to anyone.

Wearing masks is futile. We all know it. Go to a restaurant to see that proven. All those people sitting down without masks while those walking in are wearing them. It takes a lot of backbone to do the right thing and NOT require mask wearing at your business even if the state says you must.

Apparently, the only people with backbone are the Canadian truckers.

Have a nice day.

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