Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury Court of Public Opinion

Back in March I started a project I never finished. I wanted to summarize Reiner Ruellmich’s Grand Jury proceedings. Thankfully Joel Smalley of Dead Man Talking(opens new window) has posted Doug Brodie’s commentary on the entire proceedings. The sessions I watched were excellent, but they are long and Brodie sums them up nicely with links to both the sessions and other related information.

I’ve posted the preface below. Go to the source to read the full summary.

  • Reiner Fuellmich's Grand Jury Court of Public Opinion: Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity [2022]


    In early 2022, international lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich assembled (via Zoom) a large team of expert witnesses and lawyers to conduct what he called a Grand Jury court of public opinion Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity model trial. This was totally hidden from the general public by the mainstream media.

    By 26 February, they had completed six days of evidence, typically running to about 5 hours of video per day. The trial was then paused without explanation, probably because the lawyer from France was arrested at her home in front of her children on a trumped-up charge of treason for having participated in the trial. She’s back when the trial resumes.

    I had been following the proceedings and had drafted a summary. There was no indication of when or even if the trial would resume so I sent out my summary in an email dated 16 March 2022 to various politicians and colleagues. Unfortunately it didn’t find its way to anywhere online, perhaps because it was rather long.

    I wrote up my email with an introduction which anticipated the eventual outcome. This turned out to be not quite correct in “legalese” terms. It was never the intention that this trial would ask for guilty verdicts. Nor was it the intention for the trial participants to return indictments against the six putative defendants, but rather “the jury”, i.e. the viewing general public. This was done by electronic voting and the expected overwhelming result for indictment is recorded on the committee’s Telegram website.

    The trial resumed and concluded in June 2022, again totally blanked out by the mainstream media.

    Day 7 of the proceedings is available here and covers testimonies from psychologist Prof Mattias Desmet (7:30), media studies expert Prof Mark Crispin Miller (1:23:30) and human biologist and immunologist Prof Ulrike Kämmerer (2:51:30).

    Day 8 covers the legal closing arguments and is available here.

    Dr Fuellmich’s closing arguments are available in a standalone 35-minute video:

    And also with transcript here. This is really strong stuff!

    I commend this valuable resource to your attention. You are the jury.

    Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 17/02/23

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