20 Questions They Don’t Want to Answer

"I can't get a single one of these questions answered. I promise to stop spreading misinformation if you can just publicly answer just these questions with truthful and accurate answers." - Steve Kirsch

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This is another good one from Steve Kirsch to read and keep for reference. Here are some of the questions he asks:

  • Why no debates?
  • VAERS safety signals flashing red since January 2021.
  • Why no investigation into Maddie de Garay?
  • More people died who took the drug than those who didn’t take the drug.
  • Elevated myocarditis rates.
  • How do you explain Schirmacher’s study?
  • What is causing the telltale clots?
  • How can you do risk benefit calculation without estimating the VAERS URF?
  • Every randomized trial shows masks make no difference at all.
  • Why don’t we have any autopsies done by a competent authority?
  • Why is there a 5% rate of neurological damage after vaccination?

He asks these and more and writes about each question.

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