42 COVID Topics that Need Answers

Censoring free speech is a tactic that is used by people in power to deliberately mislead people.

— Steve Kirsch

Steve Kirsch strikes again! "We are just trying to ensure that the public knows who is telling the truth. In order to do that, the public must hear from both sides, ideally in the same discussion." - Steve Kirsch

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Steve Kirsch has put together another list of topics that need to be answered and/or explained by the CDC, the FDA, Fauci and many more health officials and government officials. Kirsch has been doing an enormous amount of research, works with and talks to experts in their respective fields and he cannot get anyone to debate him or anyone he works with. I wonder why?

This is a great list to keep in your COVID toolbox. As with his previous similar article, Kirsch has good explanations and poignant questions with each of the 42 points. Here are just a few.

  1. How do you explain the fact that in Australia which is highly vaccinated, there are more deaths in the first 4 months of 2022 than in 2021 and 2020? Wasn’t the vaccine supposed to reduce the death toll? The COVID variants are less deadly, but the vaccines make people more susceptible to getting infected as we know from the UK data: triple-dosed people are 3 times more likely to be infected. Isn’t it time we stop making the problem worse with vaccination?
  2. Why was the Pfizer clinical trial fraud in the 12-15 trial never investigated? Fraud is grounds for suing the drug companies and revoking the EUA. There was fraud in the Pfizer trial where a perfectly healthy 12-year old Maddie de Garay was paralyzed for life (she’s currently a paraplegic) less than 22 hours after her Pfizer shot. But in the trial documents submitted to the FDA, Pfizer lied and reported her symptoms as mild abdominal pain. FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock promised to investigate, but nobody ever called the family. Explain to us why this was never investigated and how you know for certain that there was no fraud in any of the trials.
  3. What killed the 14 kids the CDC analyzed? The CDC did an analysis of kids in VAERS who died after getting the vaccine. The problem was that in all cases, the causes of death were not consistent with background death causes for kids that age, nor were they consistent with COVID. So what killed these kids? The CDC never told us that and they never pointed out that these death causes were not normal. They basically said “here are the causes of death and there is nothing to see here so let’s move on.” So how can they be so certain none of the kids died from the vaccine? There was no mention of autopsy reports, so how does the CDC rule out the vaccine as being a possible cause? They are silent on this. Why?

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