43 Vaccine Policies that Must Be Examined

This is a very good list (43 points), by Dr. Paul Alexander, of "the evidence...used to inform...harmful policies...perpetrated by the US’s COVID Task Force members, technocrats, and bureaucrats."

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Dr. Alexander has been on fire of late. At the end of the 43 points he writes:

We need each and every person responsible for COVID polices over the 2 years thus far, that harmed and killed people, to answer to what they did, and how they arrived at the brutal failed policies. All failed! Who made the policy? Who made the decisions? Who developed it? Did they test it? Did they examine if it was/is needed by age and risk and did they consider the risk and downsides? Did they consider drastic results such as deaths from their policies? And we want to examine each and every person in the decision chain. Only then can we move forward as a society and begin the healing that is desperately needed, after the wrongs that were committed in the name of COVID. Wrongs by persons who signaled to us that they were ‘doing good by us’. We certainly did not need that type of benevolence where our rights, dignity, humanity, liberties, and freedoms were gutted. Never again and we must stand up now and ensure accountability.

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