A Health Public Policy Nightmare

"Vaccine spike antigen and mRNA persist for two months in lymph node germinal centers... protein production of spike is higher than those of severely ill COVID-19 patients!" - Dr. Robert Malone

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This is a long article and much of it was above my head. It referenced both a peer reviewed paper PDF, opens new window and an article on The Daily Skeptic. But it appears the takeaway is this:

The production of the spike protein in the vaccinated is higher than the production of the spike protein in those have been infected with COVID, those who are severely ill from COVID.

The Daily Skeptic article ends with this:

In my view, technocracy has trumped the sound principles, established over decades and centuries, of basic medical practice, immunology, virology, pharmaceutical sciences and public health generally. In the process, political democracy, personal freedoms, free speech and choice have been dangerously sidelined and even censored.

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