As New Purge of Fifth Columnists Approaches: Anatoly Chubais Jumps Ship

Most relevant for the topic of this present report, we can take as an example the vast western-leaning hive of vipers, oligarchs and liberal technocrats which rose to power under the direction of the CIA during the dark years of shock therapy of the 1990s.

— Matthew Ehret

"Although Russia was 25 years behind schedule on this matter, banning Soros put them into the special club of nations that got their acts together..." - Matthew Ehret

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This is another interesting article by Matthew Ehret. Ehret’s insights are a new line of thinking for me which I am still processing, but he’s very interesting and very intelligent. It’s a different perspective on Russia and the USA’s involvement on the world stage.

“Yes, of course they [the West] will bet on the so-called Fifth Column. Our national traitors. On those who earn money here, with us, but live there. And they live not even in the geographical sense of the word but according to their thoughts. According to their slavish consciousness… many of these people, by their very nature, are mentally located exactly there, and not here. Not with our people. Not with Russia. This is, in their opinion, a sign of belonging to a higher caste, to a higher race. Such people are ready to sell their own mothers if only they were allowed to sit in the hallway of this very highest caste… They do not understand at all that if they are needed by this so-called “higher caste”, then they are needed only as expendable material in order to use them to inflict maximum damage on our people.” – Vladimir Putin

I have long wondered why we allow people like Soros and countries like China to be so involved in our political process. It makes no sense.

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