BA.4 & BA.5 Early Treatment Protocols: Dr. Paul Alexander

"URGENT: BA.4 & BA.5 omicron driven by VACCINE warrants nasal-oral washes with povidone iodine (PI) or hydrogen peroxide (no swallow); Flavio & Rapiti offers aggressive treatment for this BA.4/.5." – Dr. Paul Alexander

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Good article. Here’s the subtitle and a highlight:

I re-provide PI protocol & suggested treatments for BA 4 & BA 5 omicron; emerging reports indicate these are more symptomatic & stronger; talk to your doctor with the FLCCC program; VAX causing this


You also need to know that usually, 50 or so deaths causes any drug or vaccine to be pulled by the FDA off the market. Five or so causes an immediate black box warning. What is different about these COVID injections? We have tens of thousands of deaths reported in CDC’s VAERS, Europe’s EudraVigilance, and UK’s Yellow Card system vaccine surveillance system for adverse effects and deaths. Millions of reported and serious adverse events. Millions now from these fraud COVID injections. Something is very wrong here. This not just stinks to high heavens, malfeasance IMO is at play here in the highest order.

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