Canadian Woman Blasts the Press

A Canadian woman blasts the press with what has happened to her family and children in general because of this Plandemic.

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My Heart goes out to you, dear nurse and for your kids and husband-You stood up for the Truth-There Is Only But One
Truth and But One Set Of Facts-Sadfully you lost your job just for speaking out -CBC- should all be Ashamed of themselves-all of them-cooperate media.- controlled by Nefarious Elites-and Nefarious Government Leaders Of Canada.
Should all be facing Grand Jury- The Court Of Public Opinion-for all their crimes against humanity and the people
the citizenry population. Court Of The People-For The People and By The People. And be issued warrants for their
Arrests-Charged and Prosecuted according to all their list of crimes committed against the people and sentenced.


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