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Dr. Naomi Wolf is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Daily Clout. She is regular guest on Steve Bannon's WarRoom and her insights are important and spot on.

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Here’s Dr. Wolf’s welcome letter on the website:

We are a company that builds digital tools, and produces media to help anyone, from any walk of life, use and affect democracy more powerfully.

What drew me to help start this company?

I wrote two books about how hard it was to engage with democracy in America—and people of every background said to me: “We agree. But practically, what can we do?”

One thing that jumped out as I researched, and that I had seen as a political consultant, was that legislation was being passed in near-darkness—bills were hard to find, impossible to understand, and just a few folks, mainly lobbyists, crafted them. But still, they affected everyone. A clause in a sentence could bestow help and hope on millions, or else take it away.

This opacity seemed very wrong to me. That was not what our Founders intended.

The solution would involve the internet—we needed to build ways for ordinary people to see real bills change in real time, to comment on them, and to raise their voices in public more effectively than just sending an email or signing a petition. Our first such tool is BillCam, which lets you see, share and affect live legislation. It has been searched 200,000 times in just a few months. More tools are on the way.

So welcome to the DailyClout community. Share with us your ideas, your content and your passion. Tell your friends to join us. And tweet, post, comment, and share, your democracy. DailyClout’s tools let you, whomever you are, lead this nation—which, in America, is just exactly your job.


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Sharon Kappers

Do we have a sample of Covid 19? I understand the CDC doesn’t have a sample.
Dr Wolf, thank you for all you do!!


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