Data from the US DoD is explosive

This is a very important article by Steve Kirsch about the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED). First reported by Attorney Tom Renz, the DMED shows a dramatic increase in vaccine adverse events.

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Like VAERS this shows just how bad the vaccine adverse events are, but unlike VAERS this information is much more difficult for lefties to dismiss which partly explains why they are not reporting it.

In the article Kirsch lists 14 reasons why the DMED data is so important. Here is #10:

Deliberate mainstream press cover-up. There is evidence that mainstream media reporters have been instructed not to cover this story or talk to Tom Renz. I verified this myself searching for articles about Renz in The New York Times and CNN. So you’ll only hear about it from alternative media. Think about it… this is one of the most explosive stories of the year (if not the decade) and the mainstream press isn’t covering it at all? What does that tell you? You don’t have to have a lot of critical thinking skills to figure that one out. It pretty much tells you everything you need to know: there is a massive cover up of adverse events.

It’s a great article.

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