Propaganda in Focus

From the website: "Propaganda is ubiquitous in the modern world. The ‘unconscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses’ was, according to the founding father of ‘public relations’ Edward Bernays, ‘an important element in democratic society’."

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Over half a century later, although euphemistically referred to as ‘public relations’, ‘strategic communication’, ‘advertising’ and ‘marketing’, propaganda remains a key tool through which power is exercised. Propaganda plays out in multiple ways and on multiple levels. It is seen both in the promotional messaging campaigns that dominate our world – ‘Sustainable Development’, ‘Build Back Better’ – and the coordinated allocation of resources and the shaping of events through which the thoughts and conduct of both the masses and elite groups are organised. And it also performs a central role in terms of both shaping, and interacting with broader ideological narratives and closing down free and open public debate. Whether mobilizing populations for war, advancing political agendas, or selling products and perspectives, propaganda and its consequences manifest themselves throughout contemporary political systems, whether democratic or authoritarian, and also increasingly at a global level.

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