"People who take the vaccine can shed these spike proteins in their breath, urine and feces, and possibly in their sweat (as spike proteins are found in the sweat glands)." - Susan Porter

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“Shedding: How the Vaccinated Spread Disease to the Unvaccinated” is the best article I’ve seen on this topic. It has a lot of good information and it’s a reasonable approach, i.e. it is not definitive but references a lot of facts out there.

I would suggest reading the entire article, but here is Susan Porter’s conclusion:

It is my personal opinion that unless you sit in a confined space with a recently vaccinated person for a prolonged amount of time, you will not experience any problems, especially if you have a healthy immune system and follow a Wise Traditions diet. If you are affected by shed­ding, I suggest taking supplements that will prevent the spike protein from affecting your body. My partner and I used some of the methods described in the sidebar and found them effective, but please do your own research and use your discernment, as well as methods like muscle testing, to make your own decisions. These measures will also help you protect yourself from the true cause of Covid-19, which is 5G microwave wireless technology.

I have only vaguely heard of the 5G connection, so cannot comment on that. It used to be I would just dismiss things like that out-of-hand, now, with everything the globalist are trying, it is not unreasonable to think, “Hey, I should look into that.”

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