Steve Kirsch’s Statement at ACIP Meeting

Steve Kirsch is confident that his statement before the ACIP will be ignored.

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This is Kirsch’s statement he will be giving (or already has) at the ACIP. Kirsch writes:

ACIP is the outside committee that advises the CDC on vaccines. It is chaired by Stanford Professor Grace Lee.

Kirsch also says, and he is, unfortunately, absolutely right:

I have just 3 minutes. I’ll be talking about 3 reasons that they should not approve the Moderna COVID vaccine. I’m confident they will ignore everything I say; they don’t want to hear it.

He has offered to donate 1 million dollars to a charity if they will just answer his questions on a Zoom call. They won’t. Open debate is not allowed on COVID.

Here’s his full statement. You can, as he says, see all the background information in the resource link.

My name is Steve Kirsch. I’m the Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. I have no conflicts.

There are three compelling reasons why you should not approve the Moderna vaccine.

Reason #1 The Moderna vaccine kills more people than it is likely to save

VAERS shows 4,270 deaths associated with Moderna. After subtracting 200 background deaths and 855 COVID deaths, we are left with 3,215 deaths. If we use the most conservative estimate of the VAERS URF in the scientific literature (20), we conservatively estimate that there are 64,300 excess deaths from Moderna. If the vaccine didn’t kill those people, then what did? On the benefit side, based on the Moderna  Phase 3 trial, we might save 2 lives net per 15,000 fully vaccinated people PDF, opens new window. So this is approximately 13,333 lives saved for the 100M fully vaccinated people. In short, the Moderna vaccine will kill at least 4.8 people from all-cause mortality for every life we might save from COVID.

Reason #2 The vaccine fails on an absolute safety basis

The Moderna vaccine kills at least 643 people per million as I just pointed out. That makes these vaccines nearly 1,000 times deadlier than the smallpox vaccine which previously was the most deadly vaccine in human history and is considered too unsafe to use by experts.

Reason #3 You should not approve the vaccine until you see all the safety signals.

Although the phase 3 trials claimed that “No safety concerns were identified”, there are hundreds of very serious adverse events that are being ignored.

For example, according to VAERS US data, the rate of pulmonary embolism post vaccine is 3 per year. With Moderna, we have 1,245 events. 415X normal. How can that not be flagged as an adverse event? The only way that can happen is if the people who are in charge of monitoring the safety signals are either blind or corrupt. The public is not being informed of hundreds of safety signals like this.

Some people believe that the reports in VAERS are unreliable. There is no evidence of this. In fact, individual doctors report seeing adverse event rates that are 20,000 times higher than any other vaccine. And there were Facebook vaccine injury support groups with 250,000 people that were deleted by Facebook. Both of these anecdotes are impossible to explain if the COVID vaccines are truly as safe and effective as claimed.

For the fact checkers I have posted my remarks and all the data backing up everything I’ve said on my substack at


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