The Pandemic Dance (do the ‘rona)

they’re criminalizing our thoughts
you can’t question the Holocoughs!
say no to the ‘rona
don’t you know that fear’s the disease

— Foundring

A song from Foundring, the moniker of pianist and singer/songwriter Kylan deGhetaldi. There's a lot of info packed into this ten minutes.

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This guy is very talented. Here’s what his youtube channel says about him:

Foundring is the moniker of pianist and singer/songwriter Kylan deGhetaldi. One of the world’s foremost authorities on ragtime and other early jazz piano styles, Foundring is also known for his satirical songs about conspiracies and other social commentary, in the style of Tom Lehrer. In addition to studying with legendary ragtime pianist Tom Brier, Foundring has also joined pop jazz sensation Postmodern Jukebox on multiple world tours. Foundring is an avid word games enthusiast, and can claim to be among the world’s fastest anagrammers.

This is ten minutes long, but well worth the listen.

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