RFK Jr’s Presidential Announcement Speech

Home page of the Kennedy for President Website: kennedy24.com

Home page of the Kennedy for President Website: kennedy24.com

Conspicuously absent from RFK Jr.’s announcement that he is running for President of the United States was any explicit mention of the vaccines (Covid), vaccine side effects or vaccine-caused deaths. The vaccines were there if you read between the lines, but it was not overt. He used the word “vaccine” one time. Is this political expediency? Certainly the rest of his speech pissed off the deep state, elites, globalists, war-mongers, food executives and the rest of the ruling class, but I expected something to be said specifically about the vaccines to adequately piss off the pharmaceutical companies.

I suppose they know it’s coming.

He rightly criticized the lockdowns, the epidemic of disease in the U.S., the war in Ukraine and the alliance of the state and corporations. I also went to his website, kennedy24.com(opens new window), to see if I could find the written text of his speech (not there), but while browsing the website I looked at the tab, “Priorities.” Underneath there are links to:

  • Honest Government
  • Reconciliation
  • Environment
  • Revitalization
  • Peace
  • Civil Liberties

Why no mention on his site or in his speech about the biggest crime committed against U.S. citizens in our short history as a nation?

On The Defender(opens new window), a section of the Children’s Health Defense(opens new window) website that Kennedy founded, vaccine injuries, among many other vaccine related issues, have been written about for a long time.

My wife thinks it was a brilliant strategy. Normies are not going to want to hear that they got bamboozled, at least not yet, but they can relate to the chronic disease crisis that Kennedy talked about: “[O]besity, but more importantly, neurological diseases, neurodevelopmental, A.D.D., ADHD, speech, language ticks, Tourette’s syndrome, ASD, and autism.”  She thinks once he’s been at this for a while he’ll begin a more explicit attack on the so-called vaccines at a time when the Normies will be ready for it.

It was in all other ways a great speech and though I voted for Trump twice, if Kennedy, by some miracle (I’m not counting on it), becomes the Democratic nominee I will probably vote for him. Trump continues to say the vaccines were great and that lockdowns were necessary. I’m getting tired of it.

Still, I did keep waiting for Kennedy to specifically address the vaccine issues, that elephant in the room ignored by so many people.

I hope he does at some point. I expect he will.

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