Editor: The Inmate
Contributing Writer: The Escaped Inmate
Cartoonist: Poodlestew

Glen Draeger is The Inmate.  I began my working career in tennis court construction during my summers off from college.  During college I worked for a custodial crew, in the food service industry and as a dorm supervisor.  After receiving my B.S. in Physical Education I taught high school for four years while earning a M.A. in Education.  After resigning my teaching position I took a year off, moved to South Lake Tahoe where I skied and read and wrote as much as possible and worked when I had to(collecting money from newspaper advertisers and making candles).  For over 17 years I worked part-time unloading planes, sorting material and making deliveries in downtown San Diego and Coronado for DHL Worldwide Express. I was laid off on September 2, 2003.  Currently I work as a web developer/programmer. I started Sweet Thursday Web Development in 2006.

Gregg Fanselau is The Escaped Inmate, formerly known as The Prisoner of Suburbia.   I have had a very broad range of job experiences.  Right after college I worked as a teacher in a small inner-city school where about half the students were sent to be sheltered and the other half to be straightened up.  So, even though I was never in the military I am a combat veteran.  After that I worked in the corporate headquarters of a major regional corporation, which was soon merged into a larger national corporation.  After that I pursued further education and worked for a wonderful small business in a job that was nearly perfect.  Personal circumstances forced me to move to another metropolitan area, where jobs were scarce.  After several months I started temping in a rock-bottom job at an emerging national corporation.  I was hired on a permanent basis a few months later and climbed the corporate ladder, getting promoted twice in less than two years.  This corporation was taken over by larger entities twice and had several smaller companies merged into it.  It was located in a so-called office park and was the genesis of my earlier moniker, The Prisoner of Suburbia.  Since then, I escaped suburbia and moved yet again.   As of October 1999, I am temping at a wonderful non-profit organization in hopes of joining their staff for a while.  Eventually I hope to change the world in many major ways, but then don’t we all?

There are a few things about me that make me similar to the emerging majority of workers in America today:  I have changed careers before age 40, I have changed employers 5 times in 10 years, I have never been in one job for more than 20 months, I’ve been through both sides of a merger more than once and I have worked in a small business.  The list of things that distance me from most workers would be too long to include and might frighten you, so it’s not here.

In addition to The Corporate Asylum, I enjoy renaissance and baroque music, baseball, architecture, fine dining, art, history and cultural anthropology.  I have also written restaurant reviews and occasional pieces of social commentary.  I’ve got a couple of screenplays in the works too.  I know that the powers that be have it in for me since my initials have come to be used as two unfortunate acronyms – General Protection Fault (something you never want your Windows PC to have!) and Gallons Per Flush (the famous toilet measurement).   You may contact me at, unless you’re an advertiser.

Mark Napoli is Poodlestew.  Due to a contract dispute over Mr. Napoli’s million dollar signing bonus he has refused to provide biographical information.  The Corporate Asylum is taking every legal action necessary to obtain this information.

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