Steve Kirsch confronts California’s HHS and MIT

This is an excellent article by Steve Kirsch, “COVID-19 misinformation is a public health crisis but nobody is willing to stop it by debating us.”

Kirsch refers to an article on KFF with this ironic subtitle:

Most People Who Trust Network and Local Television, CNN, MSNBC and NPR on COVID-19 Believe Little or No Misinformation; Larger Shares Who Trust Newsmax, One American News, and Fox News Hold Many Misconceptions

Let me get this straight: Your preconceived opinion, which is supported by the Mainstream Media, proves that those other people trusting alternate media for their information must be wrong, but no one from your side is willing to debate anyone from our side and our side is very willing to debate your side. Steve Kirsch and his team can’t get anyone to debate them in a live, recorded debate. No one will do it. So what does that mean? I’ll wait.

Red flags, anyone? Anyone? Hello?

Later in the article they call some of these beliefs “myths” and yet no one will debate these issues. If the pro-vax side cannot withstand scrutiny it’s damn clear what their side represents: not just misinformation but also propaganda.

Kirsch writes:

Fact check this: No fact checker organization will debate us
I told PolitiFact that if they really wanted to stop misinformation, all they had to do was debate us. The PolitiFact Editor in Chief, Angie Holan, stopped replying to my emails at that point.

Fact check this: None of the public health officials will debate us
I don’t know of a single public health official who will debate our team. There are over 3,000 public health officials and they will not lift a finger to debate us and stop the misinformation. That’s irresponsible.

Kirsch’s point is that if California and public health officials truly want to stop all the misinformation all they have to do is have an open debate with Kirsch and his team. If the truth is on their side, they can destroy the anti-vax misinformation once and for all. Kirsch writes:

In short, the public health officials are not doing the most effective thing they can do to stop the misinformation: debate us.

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