Steve Kirsch talks with a PolitiFact Fact Checker

This is a good video. Gabrielle Settles from Politifact questions Steve Kirsch about using VAERS. Here’s what PolitiFact says about Settles:

Gabrielle Settles is a reporter covering misinformation for PolitiFact. Previously, she was a staff writer for The Weekly Challenger and staff member and reporter for Moody Radio Florida. She has also written for The Power Broker magazine in Tampa Bay and interned for WDET, Detroit’s NPR station. She graduated in 2017 from Wayne State University with a degree in broadcast journalism and African American studies.

The PolitiFact slogan makes sure you know this:

Stand up for the facts!
Our only agenda is to publish the truth so you can be an informed participant in democracy.

Kirsch challenged PolitiFact to a debate with anyone they wanted to bring. That won’t happen. If you’re not willing to debate the issues or acknowledge information that goes against your chosen narrative, clearly you have other agendas. Why won’t the pro-vaxxers engage in any debates with Kirsch, Malone, Kory and a host of others very willing to debate these issues? We know why.

Once Kirsch posted the video below, he received this from Angie Holan, Editor-in-Chief at Politifact:

I am not in the least embarrassed by how she conducted the interview. I’m asking that you remove the video as a professional courtesy because the reporter did not consent to be recorded.

Steve Kirsch responds:

Fact check: not true according to the law. By asking me if it was OK to record the call, she is giving implied consent for the call to be recorded since she is doing the asking. All parties on the call consented to being recorded meaning the conversation is no longer private and all parties can record the call.

PolitiFact does a fact check on VAERS (the NVIC interface)


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