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  • News from The Asylum

    The Janitor

    This guy exists. He’s the newest member of the staff. These other people I’m pretty sure are just alter egos of The Inmate…and his ego is big. Too big. I’ve met The Janitor. He’s kind of quiet, but he always looks like he knows something you don’t know. He smiles ever so slightly at most…

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  • News from The Asylum

    The Hacker

    The Hacker or Lord Hacker as he likes to called finds the juicy emails we post on The Asylum.

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  • News from The Asylum

    The Inmate

    Our prized staff member's bio. Honestly, I don't like the guy.

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  • News from The Asylum

    The Warden

    The Asylum's hard-working Warden. We love this guy!

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  • News from The Asylum

    Human Resources

    The Asylum's Human Resources Department. What a crew!

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