TEDx Would Not Post This

It makes sense. Meat as a cure? This has to be the most politically incorrect diet one could possibly have in the midst of debilitating climate change and fear mongering by our honorable governments. I suppose if Jordan Peterson is your dad you’re going to have a tough time at TEDx no matter what you’re talking about.

If you haven’t read my book, I’m Nobody. Who are You? Can We Save the World?, though I was not nearly as sick as Mikhaila Peterson, I write briefly about how a very low-carb diet comprised of meat, chicken, lamb, pork, heavy cream, butter, cheese, eggs and blueberries cured my extreme anxiety and depression. It took three weeks. I’m not kidding.

But this is where we are: the powers that be don’t want you considering diets that they do not approve of.

“Eat your crickets and be a good little citizen. Maybe someday, if your social credit score meets our standards, we’ll give you some fake meat.”


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Sunny Abarbanell

My third sister all have Alzheimer’s. They are all younger than me. The latest one never ate red meat, chocolate or drank coffee. She was also on a statin drug. It’s controversial (what isn’t?) between cardiologists who want to protect the heart and neurologists who want to protect the brain. The white matter in the brain is fat. More and more doctors are putting patients even in their twenties on statins and they are developing early onset dementia. Since the invention of statins in the 50’s more and more are coming down with dementia.
I’ve been on a pharmaceutical grade Red Yeast Rice (Thorne) and my cardiologist gave me two thumbs up! I will never eat bugs (not even if the coat them in dark chocolate!)


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