Thank You for Not Wearing a Mask

The most ludicrous thing I’ve seen (I bet you have too) with regard to masks is what people do in restaurants. For those that do follow the guidelines (Please don’t comply!) here’s what happens: one wears a mask into the restaurant. One can see all the people sitting at tables in the restaurant not wearing masks, but if you are walking to your table the mask must be on. If you go the restroom, wait for it, the mask must be on. The people sitting at tables, that you pass by, must apparently be at a low enough altitude to stop the spread of the dreaded COVID, a fact I was not aware of. Alert Tony (Dr. Death) Fauci and the press, please! This could be huge!

Seriously, what a freaking load of cow manure. It’s not a real pandemic. It’s a power grab.

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The Inmate

A user (BigMikesRagingPeePee) on explained how COVID restaurant rules were determined:

“COVID uses advanced calculus to calculate its trajectory above 4 feet. Also sitting recognition technology. Covers all the bases.”


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