The Attempt to Punish Good Doctors for “Misinformation” Continues

This article by Meryl Nass is a good one. Very important. They are still trying to punish doctors for spreading “misinformation.” Apparently, they want still want their “misinformation trophies.”

  • A tragedy begets more tragedy. Wisdom is needed.

    The JAMA paper has actually garnered quite a bit of press. The methodology seems to be random (“mixed methods study” is what the authors call it). The 2 young first authors trolled social media to collect a list of 52 doctors who provided alternative COVID narratives, and misinformation was DEFINED by any disagreement with the CDC.

    From the Paper:

    Results  The propagation of COVID-19 misinformation was attributed to 52 physicians in 28 different specialties across all regions of the country. General misinformation categories included vaccines, medication, masks, and other (ie, conspiracy theories).

    Conclusions and Relevance  In this mixed-methods study of US physician propagation of COVID-19 misinformation on social media, results suggest widespread, inaccurate, and potentially harmful assertions made by physicians across the country who represented a range of subspecialties. Further research is needed to assess the extent of the potential harms associated with physician propagation of misinformation, the motivations for these behaviors, and potential legal and professional recourse to improve accountability for misinformation propagation. [emphasis Dr. Nass]

    Nass on Dr. Goff Who Oversaw this Study

    Dr. Goff made a terrible mistake. It was a lot more horrible than producing this silly article. She made an understandable error of judgement two years ago, and it had the most awful result possible. It killed her only child.

    I have written about this story previously, but from a different perspective. Dr. Sarah L. Goff vaccinated her only child for COVID, a beautiful daughter attending Amherst High School, and that child suffered a sudden death at a high school track meet last year.

  • Communication of COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media by Physicians in the US

    This is the paper Nass references above.

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