The Clamour Increases

Parody of a Glamour Magazine Cover: Clamour. Logan confirms women can still get pregnant. Logan Brown.

The definition of clamour from the Cambridge Dictionary:

to make a loud complaint or demand

Demands is what we’re getting from the left. Not only do they want you to say that men can get pregnant, but like in 1984, they want, no, they demand that you accept it and believe it. You have to believe that children have the right to mutilate their bodies without parental consent. You have to “affirm” your fellow citizens with the correct pronouns. You have to accept obesity as an alternative, healthy lifestyle.

Mainstream culture’s acceptance of these obvious untruths has been swift. As others have said, and I hope they’re right, our governments and elites are frantic because they know the curtain is being pulled back and they’ve had little time to dress appropriately.

What is a woman? What is a man? Can a man get pregnant? These are simple answers if you have not been propagandized.

If they can get you to hesitate. If they can get you to avoid the obvious, correct answers because you’re afraid, then they have you.

Can a man get pregnant?

No. End of story.


You can see the original Glamour cover here.

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Logan confirms women can still get pregnant.

Logan Brown

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