The Elephant in the Room

“Hey, have you heard about those sudden deaths? I think the vaccine is causing them.”

“Whoa! Whoa! Let’s not go there. Let’s keep it light.”

“Light? There are excess deaths in almost every country in the world.”

“Listen, I don’t want to discuss this. Let’s talk about March Madness. You gotta a team picked?”

“The madness is all around us: vaccine deaths and injuries, stolen elections, a possible world war three, lies about January 6 and all of this orchestrated by corrupt governments all over the world.”

“Look, you got your opinion, I got mine. Let’s just keep it that way.”

The above is fictional, but an accurate representation of the group of friends I have. There are three of us who see the lies and corruption, but the other four prefer to not to talk about it. It is getting harder and harder to live with that. Maybe I shouldn’t live with it.

The article below is excellent and addresses this common problem for those of us who know what is going on and have known for a long time. I recommend reading the whole thing.

  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Elephants

    To have witnessed Medicine undermine itself in such a way as to make itself unrecognizable – in, for example, its sudden enthusiasm for masks, it sudden forgetfulness about early treatment and natural immunity, its sudden acceptance of a novel therapeutic agent that had been inadequately tested, its mania to subject children to this agent, its sudden scorn for informed consent and its equally sudden disregard of the founding principle of the Hippocratic Oath, at first not to harm – is to recognize outright self-destruction. That so many so-called medical practitioners abandoned their fundamental duties to their patients and themselves is a disgrace for which I can find no adequate word except prostitution – bearing in mind that in using this word I am doing sex workers a disservice because their form of prostitution represents an honest exchange.

    Can friendships survive the chasm between those who have swallowed the propaganda of mainstream news outlets hook, line and sinker, and those who seek for truth from ordinary citizens not beholden to advertising revenue or governmental coercion?

Six people staring at the shadow of an elephant on the wall. Across the elephant it says: Vaccine Deaths.: I don't see anything, do you? No, I don't see anything. (color)

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