The Failure of mRNA Vaccines in the UK

This is a good substack by the Naked Emperor. In a nutshell, the vaccines are not doing squat. Diddly. Nada. What they are doing is making things worse. Here are some highlights from the article:


The latest 7 day average (as of 22 March 2022) was 85,606 cases. Compare this to the same date last year and we get 5,489 cases. 15.5 times more cases this year with 72% of the population fully vaccinated as compared with 3% this time last year.

Hospital Admissions

As of 18 March the 7 day average for patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 was 2,053. The same date last year had an average of 420 patients admitted. So roughly five times as many patients this year.


The latest 7 day average shows 119 people dying compared with 78 last year. However, as with cases and hospitalisations, the trend was very firmly down and by the end of the month deaths were in the low 30s. Currently, the trend for all three statistics is up so the comparisons will be even worse in a few weeks time.

The entire article is worth the read, plus he has some cool graphs!

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