The Fight Over a New World Order

America's absence of significant industrial productive powers makes her much more dependant[sic] on China's existence at this point than visa versa.

— Matthew Ehret

The full title of Matthew Ehret’s article is “The Fight over a New World Order from the Golden Renaissance to the Multipolar Alliance.(opens new window)” It’s a transcription of an interview he gave to Arthur Sanchez who runs a website in France. Sanchez’s second question was:

What are the fundamental differences between foreign policy under Trump and now under Biden?

This is a succinct and great answer to that question:

While trying to survive four years of Russia-gate witchhunts, President Trump focused his efforts on returning the USA back to its historic traditions located in the Monroe Doctrine and protectionism as the basis of an ‘America first’ program.

While the Monroe Doctrine has obviously been abused by various imperial-minded leaders over the nearly two centuries since it was crafted by John Quincy Adams (Secretary of State under James Monroe), the essential features of this foreign policy outlook were: 1) Keep the USA from being sucked into foreign wars by imperial forces in Europe and 2) keep the entirety of the Americas as free from infiltration and manipulation by British, French, Spanish oligarchical interests that were still premised on the ancient order of hereditary power which the original founding fathers broke free of in 1776.

Trump’s efforts to break the USA free of obligations to NATO, the World Health Organization, World Trade Organization and Paris Climate Accords were extremely important in this regard. His efforts to sever the CIA from conventional armed forces was just as important as his de-funding of the CIA’s National Endowment for Democracy operations in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Ukraine and beyond which everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past 20 years knows are simply covers for color revolutionary asymmetrical warfare tactics.

Trump’s efforts to focus American policy concerns on the actual self-interests of the homeland, which include securing the border, rebuilding atrophied infrastructure and industrial capacity while restoring a protectionist agenda by scrapping NAFTA were all extremely important. His efforts to push a US-Russia-China alliance which peaked in 2019 was probably the most important component of his foreign policy outlook.

Joe Biden’s presidential priorities however are very much the inversion of those outlined above. Under Biden we have seen a purging of all nationalist influences within the military, academia, and civil service with a focus on re-integrating the USA into an ideology of being a global hegemon under the influence of those same globalist institutions which Trump sought to disempower. The World Economic Forum, WTO, WHO, COP26 decarbonization agenda, NATO institutions etc have all been re-empowered under Biden’s Rhodes Scholar managed program that has turned the USA back into a slave nation subservient not to the interests of the people but to a supranational financier oligarchy intent on reducing the world population and instituting a post-nation state world order.

Another interesting question and answer:

4) What are the interests of the United States in maintaining a de facto protectorate over Europe?

A : Your question presumes the existence of the USA as a sovereign nation state operating for its own interests. That is a common mistake. The truth is that since the murder of John Kennedy and his brother Robert, who would have become president in 1968, the “USA” has suffered a coup by forces directed from the old oligarchical nests in Europe centered in the City of London which previously had its central command in Venice prior to 1688.

Of course, this post-1968 takeover relied upon fifth columns that had been maintained within the USA’s deep state since 1776 by British imperial loyalist “stay behinds” masquerading as American families and institutions – but in name only. The greatest presidents who resisted this foreign-directed parasite within the heart of the USA rarely survived their terms in office (to that end, a total of 8 presidents died while in office, not counting the murders of Alexander Hamilton in 1804, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy in 1968).

Today’s USA has fallen back under the control of this supranational influence which seeks to destroy any and all viable traditions of European and American sovereignty which includes both economic, cultural and political components. Under the influence of globalists such as Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski and many other CFR-connected operatives throughout the 20th century, the USA has served as a dumb giant of sorts on behalf of British grand strategists. Churchill described the world to be ruled under Anglo-American controls as a system run “by British Brains and American might”.

The Future

The population is also suffering from a collapse of its innate powers of wisdom due to decades of oligarchical cultural and educational decay which has handicapped the growth of matured identities which is I believe an even more important crisis than the lack of leadership (although both problems are the cause and effect of each other in a dynamic interplay).

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